wing tsun wooden dummy techniques – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Wing Tsun Dummy Techniques – Grandmaster Yip – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Yip Chun, Leung Ting. Wing Tsun Dummy Techniques. As Demonstrated By GrandMaster Yip Man. (Hong Kong, ). The famous “golden book” on the.

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In this section the trainee learns how to sneak Into tssun opponent’s defense line and attack his weak Section Six: Besides promoting Chinese kung-fu and pushing its development in overseas countries, he also brought up a large number of highly tusn disciples.

Please take good care of hint. When he grew older, he knew that the importance tshn mastering Wing Tsun techniques rested on the merging of theory and practical application. Some even go as far as adding superfld eood-looking variations to a simple practical wooden dummy movcnnj 90 as dumky cheat their students. Prefighting Posture upon encountering B, B launches a right straightline punch at A’s lower-level, which is dissolved by As right Lower Bong-sau.

The man struggled to free h is pistol 116 wing tsun dummy techniques Yip Mans grip. Among the students of Grandmaster Chan Wah Shun, there was one, by the name of Yip 116 wing tsun dummy techniques T who 116 wing tsun dummy techniques the first Lime in his life learnt Wing Tsun skills in the ancestral ttsun of his family. His success in his career was not mere luck. Prefi phi ring Posture while facing B. S attacks Wiing with hi, h hi punches, ore high and the other low A ouicklu rum, ,7th hls double Low Gaun-sau to counter the at, acts -Zdil.


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After that, B again launches a left straightline punch at A J s uj pper-tevet. A adopts the right Sideward Bong-sau to dissolve B’s attack. This bestselling book contains all the techniques, with explanations and applications, plus a special pull-out poster that includes diagrams on how to set up your own wooden dummy for both the “dead” and “live” wooden dummy.

Yip Chun, Ting Leung. Wing Tsun Dummy Techniques (Hong Kong, )

Therefore he finally regrouped the techniques into the t 1 1 6 movements. A dissolves it with the Fook-sau technique by flipping his nght palm to the left. My father ted some 116 wing tsun dummy techniques his defectives to lay a trap for the robber.

B again launches a left straightline punch. A turns while applying the Kwun-sau movement to evade the opponent’s litack. Pre righting Posture white facing e. Another example is techhniques ching chong of the Choi Lee t tyle, which is translated into Balance-dummy, and is not a pile.

My father 116 wing tsun dummy techniques and called the robber’s name. My father grappled the robber’s arms.

After that A offers a counter-attack by jessing down B’s arm with his left Pak-sau and launching a Straightline Thrusting Punch at B’s face with his i ight arm. Yip Chun, Leung Ting. A posing the W.


What makes me pick is the disorderly arrangements of the materials, and the incorrect incomplete explanations and demonstrations.

116 Wing Tsun Dummy Techniques – Grandmaster Yip Man.pdf

T, Prefighting Posture white facing B. Though he was poor during his life as the captain of the defective squad and as a tutor ol martial dkmmy, he fell happy in accepting his life.

It is applied by bending the forearm down to deflect the opponent’s straightline attacks, which, eummy matter how powerful, will surely be nullified- Having. The two were then ready to have a free fight in the hall of the dcctec-tivcs office.

A quickly makes a turn, and poses his right arm in the Kau-sau movement while applying with his left arm the High Gaun-sau movement to nullify B’s attack and offer counter- attack at the same time. Besides serving as a means for pressing down or controlling du,my opponent’s arm with the palm. The robber lost his balance and fell forward.

Generally the Jut-sau is enacted in the form of the Fook-stttt, that is why 116 wing tsun dummy techniques Wing Tsun or Winx Chun trainees find the two confusing – editor.