I co-founded Cebu Directories with Michael Gimena way back in 2007 which is an online directory platform for Cebu City.  I also own HostFortes which is a small web hosting company I founded in 2008.  I also founded TechTicks in 2008 which is a local Online News Community for IT Buzz here in Cebu but it only lasted for 8 months. I’ve build applications such as eLearn and HDesk of which I sold to a local clients.

I was a Software Engineer at InfoWeapons Corp. specializing both front and back-end product development. Implementing feature and tools for SolidDNS Project using PHP/PHP Cli, HTML, CSS and Javascript interacting with large-scale back-end architectures. Later in 2011, I quit my job and run my own startup company Cebu Directories, I’ve learned a lot of things and met a lot of people who has the same passion and interests like mine. After 9 months an opportunity came, I went back into the corporate world and I’m still running my own company. I am now an engineer working at Tieto Global Oy here in Cebu Philippines.

I love doing arts specially digital/graphic arts, code snippets and useful applications.  I am passionate in doing web designs, web development, web application development and helping fellow local Startups.  I also love typography and thanks to Google for sharing their Fonts library.

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