And the Bride Wore Plaid (Avon Historical Romance) [Karen Hawkins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Devon St John has never had a. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Karen Hawkins was raised in Tennessee, a member of a huge extended family that included her brother and sister. Devon St John has never had a problem in his life—until now. Born to wealth and privilege, surrounded by a warm and loving family, he has pursued a life of.

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Devon St John has never had a problem in his life—until now. As it was, he was forced to immediate action. Can’t wait to finish the final novel in this series. Karen writes six to eight hours a day when not obsessively reading research books on Regency-era Scotland, snacking on chocolate, or looking out the windows jawkins her house and thinking about gardening.

He’s beyond pissed that she won’t have children so he forces her to stay at the castle where they make themselves miserable. Read it for her and imagine she is living great without I liked so much about this story and characters but disliked the hero soooo much! Passion explodes, p Kat is a ruined woman by society’s standards, she works for her living and lives in her own home. I had to know how the series ended.

Of course, I knew from the beginning of this book how it ends The Villain — if there is one — is the conniving sister of Strathmore’s wife. Book 4 in the Talisman Ring series. I just can’t get enough of the St. Karen lives in balmy Orlando, Florida, with her husband, aka Hot Cop, and her two dogs. All that and more. John pages ISBN: Then he finds out that she’s actually his host’s half-sister and is disappointed that he can’t go off and have sex with her.


I loved that while we were following Devon and Kat’s history, we were also following other couple’s fight and I thought is was pretty cute the way they love each other but couldn’t make it work without compromising. To view it, click here.

Trivia About And the Bride Wor When Devon arrives at Strathmore Castle, he is taken aback by the rude, overbearing, illegitimate Scotswoman who refuses even to pretend to possess any feminine wiles. I couldn’t help myself.

Excerpt: AND THE BRIDE WORE PLAID, Karen Hawkins

Didn’t they knowed we was comin’? I enjoyed learning about the ‘curse’ of the ring and meeting Devon St. How disgusting is this guy that he’s planning on seducing the sister of his host just because she’s ruined and illegitimate? Read it for haqkins and imagine she is living great without her trailing boring hero. As the illegitimate half-sister to Viscount Strathmore, Melody Macdonald brire to reside under his roof and instead lives in a thatched house on the edge of the forest that borders Strathmore Castle.


John brother yet, and this guy is probably the worst.

And the Bride Wore Plaid

This book is about Devon St. While visiting a woge in Scotland, Devon meets the beautiful and lush half-sister of his host.

Beside him on the seat was Paul the footman, a relatively new arrival to Mr. First off, let me say that Brixe have no idea who wrote the summary of the book because: This book was good, but it was a little ridiculous that she had a bunch of little men working for her.

John’s blue kaern widened as he looked at Paul. John talisman ring that curses the holder by clasping a wedding band on his finger when he least expects it.

And the Bride Wore Plaid – Karen Hawkins – Google Books

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. He plans to win her trust, then woo her and take her to bed, just so long as she doesn’t fall in love with him. Which is a great, sad pity. Devon puts a lot of effort into seducing Kat, despite the fact that a she has very good reasons to be resistant, and he knows it, b he’s planning on leaving soon, without another thought for her, and c it’s his friends sister!

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