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Back to square zero I supposed! I started blogging in 2007 when I first bought my domain paulvillacorta.com. My first niche was about make money online, it was that year also when I learned doing SEO both black/white strategy. My second niche was about my passion for programming, I’ve been sharing tips and tricks for programming in PHP and as well as Javascript and CSS. And my last niche was about my passion for creative arts and designs. I share a inspirational creative artwork from other artists, I’ve been posting also my own creative arts as well.

I’ve been long gone in the blogosphere, and I’ve been more focused running Cebu Directories and my new non-tech business “Pastilan”. Last saturday my partner Cyruz and I attended the Digital nfluencer Marketing Summit and it inspired me to get back into blogging again, not because of the potential that you could earn but I wanted to influence others. I wanted to share my entrepreneurial experience even though I am still working with my success.

Why back to square zero? Sometimes we need to take two steps back to move forward.

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