Cebu Directories is an online directory that offers innovative business listings via a clean and refreshing layout, complemented by a user-friendly navigational interface.

Here’s my story, way back in 2006 when I decided to move here in Cebu, I was having trouble looking for spots or places to go online. Google doesn’t have that much organic result back then, so what I did, I built my own directory I gathered all the information I’ve been to. I decided to share this and invited Michael Gimena as my co-founder. So we built our first version and opened it to public and it was accepted as our data has been continuously increasing! It got more interesting when we created an events page where visitors can view what happening in Cebu.

What made us different even with the giant directory serving in our country is that we deeply understand SEO. So we SEO engineered our system so that businesses or our data will be highly visible on major search engines.

Now, since most of people we’ve met are saying that we are the authoritative in our City we still feel that we’re still behind competition. But we believed that we have accomplished our mission: “To provide information to those who wanted to know more about Cebu.” Now we are working on our next mission: “To connect businesses to customers.”

A lot of things has happened specially when I got to work on thisĀ full-time. We’ve raised some funding, we’ve increased our teams, we’ve got more partnerships and we’ve created our first mobile app (beta testing mode).