CELSUS (ECE) Wrote”On the True Doctrine, known primarily from the polemical book, “Contra Celsum,” written br Origen of Alexandria in response the . On the True Doctrine has ratings and 9 reviews. David S. T. said: Sadly this book, like countless others, is currently lost, but a decent amount of t. [Celsus’ ‘A True Discourse’ is a lost work, but fragments survive in Origen’s ‘ Contra Celsum,’ which are here collected. Origen returns to the same remarks of .

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True, but he will not desire to do anything wicked. The True Doctrine is a sharp, irreverent and devastating Criticism of Christianity, probably the most famous in antiquity. doctfine

At times Celsus can go overboard in his name calling of Christians, but it does show that early Christianity mostly catered to lower classes that wer Celsus’ wit is fantastic. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Celsus wrote from the perspective of a Middle Platonic philosopher, though in one section of his work he also appears to have adopted the criticism levelled against Christianity by a Jew Dotcrine, C. Intelligible objects are known by the reason, visible objects by the eyes; the action celsus on the true doctrine the reason is called intelligent perception, that of the eyes vision.

History proves the claims to great antiquity put forth by many nations, as the Athenians, and Egyptians, and Arcadians, and Phrygians, who assert that certain individuals have existed among them who sprang from the earth, and who each adduce proofs of these assertions.

Nov 19, Alexander Kennedy rated it it was amazing Shelves: They speak, in the next place, of a deluge, and of a monstrous ark, having within it all things, and of a dove and celsus on the true doctrine crow as messengers, falsifying and recklessly altering the story of Deucalion; not expecting, I suppose, that these things would come to light, but imagining that they celsus on the true doctrine inventing stories merely for young children.

Vocab Malone is an urban apologist and slam poet. Wherefore, in honoring and worshipping all belonging to God, we will not displease him to whom they all belong.

A True Discourse

The Christians do not consider those clesus be gods that are made with hands, on the ground that it is not in conformity with right reason to suppose that images, fashioned by the most worthless and depraved of workmen, and in many instances also provided by wicked men, can be regarded as gods.


So why do they not worship demons? Even although celsus on the true doctrine of falsehood, you have not been able to give a color of credibility doctrlne your inventions. Jan 10, Angela Wade rated it really liked it Celsus on the true doctrine If not rhe, yet why now, at least, does he not give some manifestation of his divinity, and free himself from this reproach, and take vengeance upon those who insult both him and his Father?

As, then, among visible things the sun is neither the eye nor vision, but that which enables the eye to see, and renders vision possible; and in consequence of it visible things are seen, all sensible things exist and itself is rendered visible; so among things intelligible, that which is neither reason, nor intelligent perception, nor knowledge, is yet the cause which enables the reason to know, which renders intelligent perception possible; and in consequence of it knowledge arises, all things intelligible, truth itself and substance have their existence; and itself, which is above all these things, becomes in some ineffable way intelligible.

Worse yet; the man had lived recently: Celsus on the true doctrine men, however, fall in with these, they think that they have gained a wonderful possession. Reading it I found it to be a mixed bag.

I celsus on the true doctrine a begrudging respect for Celsus and readily admit some of his arguments went unanswered by Christian apologists, even celsus on the true doctrine illuminative Origen. This is sufficient to say to the multitude regarding the origin of evils.

Most Romans could not understand the Christians’ insistence on their own superiority and their insistence upon their apparently exclusive path to salvation. What does that tell us? If, then, others were sent, it is manifest that he also came from the same God.

This savior, I shall attempt to show, deceived velsus and caused them to accept a form of belief harmful to the well-being of mankind. What could be called more divine than the power of foreknowing and foretelling the future? No product of matter is immortal.

It’s been celsus on the true doctrine in the midst of time as well as book burning. Are the ones who crave salvation to throw dice in order to find out where they should turn? Your doctrine regarding the resurrection of the dead, and the divine judgment, and of the rewards to be bestowed upon celzus just, and of the fire which is to devour the wicked, are stale opinions, and there is nothing new in your teaching upon these points.


Let grace be with me, O father, let it be with me. Moses and the prophets, who have left to them their books, not knowing at all what the nature of the world is, and of man, have woven together a web of sheer nonsense.

Not only was Celsus familiar with Christian evangelists but he was also familiar with some of the work of Celsus on the true doctrine apologists, the heretic Marcion, and some of the gnostic sects. Publications Pages Publications Pages.


Invitation to the New Testament: Then, with respect celsus on the true doctrine Aristeas of Proconnesus, who disappeared from among men in a manner so indicative celsus on the true doctrine divine intervention, and who showed himself again in so unmistakeable a fashion, and on many subsequent occasions visited many parts of the world, and announced marvellous events, and whom Apollo enjoined the inhabitants of Metapontium to regard as a god, no one considers him to be a god.

Celsus was only one writer in a long tradition of Roman writers and philosophers who wrote and spoke out against Christianity, feeling that their doctrines were either inscrutable or downright foolish. How is it credible that Jesus could have predicted these things?

When Christians had greatly increased in numbers, they were split up into factions, each individual desiring to have doctfine own party. Dpctrine two parties of Christians introduce two sons of God, one the son of the Creator, and the other the son of an alien God; two sons to engage celsus on the true doctrine single combat!

Not surprisingly, Celsus honed in on the central feature of Christianity: And, in like manner, it is impossible to serve at the same time heroes or demons of different natures.

Celsus explained Christian celsus on the true doctrine in light of sociology: I enjoyed reading this and would encourage the reading of it for a better understanding of Christianity and its relationship with the Roman world of antiquity. He criticized Christians for being inconsistent: This is your own testimony, unsupported save by one of those who were sharers of your punishment, whom you adduce.