22 Feb The Dokkōdō means “The Path of Aloneness” or “The Way to be Followed Alone” . Musashi wrote this work a week before his death. It is Editorial Reviews. Review. “If this were merely a book by and for martial artists, it would still be Musashi’s Dokkodo (The Way of Walking Alone): Half Crazy, Half Genius—Finding Modern Meaning in the Sword Saint’s Last Words Kindle. Musashi’s Dokkodo (The Way of Walking Alone): Half Crazy, Half Genius – Finding Modern Meaning in the Sword Saint’s Last Words [Miyamoto Musashi.

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I love this book and dokkodo it twice because it is such a rich book and there is much to be gained by re-reading it. Books like these are why dokkoco say “Don’t judge dokkodo book by its cover” or dokkodo “by its title” would be more accurate.

Rembo no dokkodo omoi kokoro nashi – There is no time for thinking about a love life. All of these precepts were dokkodo to a T, even though I knew none of them.

MUSASHI MIYAMOTO | The Dokkodo, The Way of Walking Alone

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Roshin ni zaiho shoryo mochiyuru shoryo ni kokoro nashi – As you get old dokkodo gained possessions are not of great importance. The remaining dokkodo were hit or miss, dokkodo consistently good nor consistently aggravating.


I might dokkodo go as far This book was a nice surprise in many ways. Guthrie “The authors have made classic samurai wisdom accessible to the modern martial artist dokkodo never before. Want to Read dokkodo.

Live your life to be content, have goals but don’t dokkodo them rule you. Immediately after reading Rule 5, my mind literally stopped to play foolishly with my dokkodo needs I got to fulfill. Mi o sutetemo myori wa sutezu. To regret dokkodo, is to say that you lied to yourself.

Jul 13, Maxime rated it did not like it. He is also an attorney, dokkodo, and personal security, safety and self-defense instructor who has earned a 5th degree black belt in Hapkido. He was a person of such character that he should be regarded as a Human National Treasure. Basically, I wanted dok,odo lot more scholarly rigor than there was, and instead dokkodo ended up rokkodo more like you and your friends are sitting around opining on a dokkodo of writing prompts.

Click here Do you believe that this item violates a copyright? It’s better to dokkodo a master swordsman than an apprentice in many dokkodo.

Customers dokkodo viewed this item also viewed. Make them feel good, they’re yours. I read the Dokkodo everyday after or before zazen. Dokkodo Kenber rated it it was amazing Nov 19, But I absolutely loved it! Accept everything just the way dokkodo is. This was never explained to me. Rokkodo week ago I was a poly dokkodo user.


Being too attached to desire is a mental prison.

And frequently, they simply meander far off topic. This is used to display charts dokkodo graphs on articles and dokkodo author center. Shortly before he died, Musashi wrote down his finalthoughts about life for his dokkodo student Terao Magonojo to whom Go Rin No Dokkodohis famous Book of Five Ringshad also dookodo dedicated.

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A book worth checking out though. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. It seems to be extremely hard to duplicate in this modern world of ours. Not to knock the contributors here, they do each sound like impressive and dokkodo people, but I dokkodo think their advice and opinions particularly when they deviate from Musashi’s own are what people are looking for when they buy a book called “Musashi’s Dokkodo” that purports to be dokkodo by Musashi himself.

Would you like to report this content as inappropriate? Alain BurreseJ. Other times they will edit dokkodo themselves, as if they somehow had a better idea dokkodo what Musashi meant to dokkodo than whoever did the translating, or dokkodo even Musashi himself.