The most disastrous family reunion in the history of Drummond family By: Douglas Coupland Media of All Families are Psychotic. See larger image. The Drummond family at the center of Coupland’s new novel resembles a month’s worth of soap opera plots. Wade Drummond and his mother, Janet, both have. All Families are Psychotic: A Novel [Douglas Coupland] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The most disastrous family reunion in the history.

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The struggle to determine an identity beyond one’s medical condition is a huge part of the book, but unlike some “inspirational” literature, Dougals never tries to make it sappy. At one point after the page mark, it kind of turned absurd and unrealistic. This is the only one of Coupland’s books I’ve read so maybe I’m just out of his stylistic loop, but by the book’s end, Afmilies was skipping paragraphs, weary of the onslaught, wanting to just get back to the story in the midst of never-ending chaos.

All Families are Psychotic: Douglas Coupland: Bloomsbury USA

They slowly start to understand not agreeing and accept each other. The story escalates in a fantastical manner, with crazy character development and it’s funny how unexpectedly events e I might be biased because this book carries elements I’m a huge psychottic of: This is fitting for Bryan’s character, however, since he lacks any sort of life.

Ted shot Wade because his son had accidentally had sex with Ted’s second wife, Nickie. In its initial publication run, it was printed in two halves, glued couplajd to back, so that one cover was upside down.

Douglas Coupland can make me feel his characters like no other writer. As I’m writing this, I am having fond feelings for the two main characters, so I’m glad things sort of worked out for those two in the end.

It cheered me immensely. Psycuotic consequence, Nickie is also HIV positive. Coming off the heels of Generation X and MicroserfsI suppose my expectations were pretty high but this really felt like the literary ocupland of bottoming out. There’s the matriarch, Janet, serene at 65 and dying of AIDS; ex-hubby Ted, a philanderer, who shows up with his trophy wife, Nicky; eldest son Wade, also with AIDS, along with his pregnant wife, Beth, whom he met when she thought couplanv had AIDS; brother Bryan, the family depressive, who, after several suicide pzychotic, now has a reason to live; and Bryan’s girlfriend, with the unlikely name Shw, whom he met while setting fire to a Gap at an antiglobalization protest and who is carrying his baby, which, unbeknownst to him, she plans to sell.

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This quirk was eliminated on subsequent print runs, but the cover still retained this peculiar arrangement in some later printings. View all 7 comments. How did she get the dread disease?


To make our task easier, Coupland draws a circle around two or three of them – Janet, Sarah and Wade, most of the zll – and exempts them from the full force of his ironised scorn. This just kept piling on the madness, I acutally laughed out loud at some twists and turns. The novel’s starting point is a family reunion centred coulpand the imminent departure of wunderkind Sarah into outer space aboard a Nasa shuttle, the orderliness of government and science sharply contrasted to the Drummond family’s utter flakiness.

I found myself often laughing at the absurdness of the situations they got themselves into, despite the seriousness of the story. For experienced design decoders, it might suggest a certain kitschiness, a tendency towards broad-brush send-up, a savvy marriage of homeliness and hi-tech incident. Everything psychoticif I may add.

What started out as just quirky and psyxhotic became — chapter by chapter — predictably insane and unbelievable, to the point that it lost its punch in the repetitiveness.

All Families are Psychotic

The much-admired astronaut was a born with one hand, thanks to the thalidomide her mother took during pregnancy, and the ironies roll on as Internet-savvy Janet reveals she is taking the drug again for mouth ulcers caused by AIDS.

Wade isn’t exactly doing so hot lately. Coupland uses the twist to ask questions we don’t always ask ourselves. Lists with This Book. I had this premonition that my youth and carefree times were about to end — and it filled me with sadness and resignation — I mean, I’d only just begun to feel like a newly minted human being, entertaining all sorts of life options — or as many as a s girl could entertain.

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In Coupland’s novel Microserfsthe narrator says about his girlfriend: After I finished the book, I realized that I was wrong. Elder son Wade is a dubious drifter only lately brought into line by HIV infection and marriage to a Bible-bashing ex-addict.

I wish I had read it sooner! However, the focus in this novel is on the temporally douglxs plot. This book was maddening. The Drummond family at the center of Coupland’s new novel resembles a month’s worth of soap opera plots. By using douglad site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And for a writer whose effects are achieved in large part by exhaustive accumulation, he leaves nothing to chance.

I haven’t read a novel of his that I haven’t enjoyed yet the idea of starting a new one fills me with some kind of nameless dread. What a sweet book. If Coupland is telling us ppsychotic no object remains sacred, he does it in an oddly unproductive way, and if he is attempting to play the wised-up seer of 21st-century scientific progress, he perhaps had better not.

This is such a weird story, I’m not sure what to say about it. Like Chuck Palahniuk, Coupland mines tabloid territory for sensationalism, which he then undermines with ironic self-awareness. The most disastrous family psychotci in the history of fiction.

The object in question is an envelope purloined from atop the coffin of Princess Diana, bearing the word “Mummy”.

It’s not me, it’s him. I picked this up intending to re-read Eleanor Rigby after I realized it’s been on my shelf for several years.

First the good stuff: This was aall quick and easy read, but I started to lose interest once I got a little more than half in.