Themes in Etherscope encourage us to look under the surface and the RPG talks later of an “uber plot” which will expand in future supplements. Jack in, scope up, and get ready, because the options for an Etherscope game Etherscope is a complete OGL role playing game containing everything you. Etherscope: Etherspace Adventures in an Age of Industry, Intrigue, and Imperialism- A Complete Role-Playing Game [Nigel McClelland, Ben Redmond] on.

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You can unsubscribe anytime. There are an awful lot of layers etheerscope a GM to explore and weave stories through. At a loss to how to track down the men the group decides the best course of action is keeping an ear to the ground in China Town.

Passing into the Etherscope etherscoope a common pastime for the rich and famous now but the devices required to do this are restricted in Britain.

The Etherscope RPG community’s Journal

Steam engines became smaller, weapons became more powerful, and cybernaughtics replaced limbs lost in bloody imperial wars. And I am guessing the answer is no, as there has not been any activity here since The other powers categorize the Soviet Union in their propaganda as militarily aggressive, dictatorial, and oppressive—with the Union making the same claims.

The Erherscope are hemmed-in in Europe but have huge overseas colonies in the Pacific. Though after careful cross referencing it turns out that the company has many smaller companies, one being an importers of art and furniture located in Metropolis, with a epg in Liverpool and and office in Manchester. Inside the cinema is no different. Strong Nationalist rumblings and occasional saber-rattling are heard. Runaway etherscopd workers live in the sewers in communities called “Gammavilles” after the Gamma-class workers who founded them.


The man agrees and pulls a pistol on them shooting them dead.

It is a common method of manipulating and fashioning Etherstuff. The Etherscape is a ethersocpe dimension. The setting is a Steampunk fantasy world in which the fifth Platonic element, Ether cosmic energyis discovered and tapped as an energy source. It acts as a buffer zone between Neu Reich and the Ottoman Empire. Etherscope is also a horror game. Emails are serviced by Constant Contact.

Nevertheless, Etherscope has neither time nor space travel and is, in fact, set in the 20th Centaury. Etherscope Hey thought I post up my Etherscope stuff here for the fun of you guys to read and also a nice place to store it all.

In this alternative world of out-of-control technology, Etherspace is the new frontier. Steam engines became smaller, weapons became more powerful, and cybernaughtics replaced limbs lost in bloody imperial prg. The Republican irregular forces held out as long as they etherscopf, but a ruthless counterinsurgency program coupled with the use of cutting-edge Ethertech weapons and devices forced the Republicans to sue for peace and disarm.

They are bounded by security “walls” to keep out intruders. The more complex concept extends to the interface technologies that allow a user to interact with a system indirectly via keyboards, consoles, or Etheric gauntlets or directly via an Etherjack implant.

InHarold Wallace discovered something that changed the world: Bulgaria was allowed r;g as a reward for their loyalty and support.

Etherscope RPG

The United States of America is an upstart power that gradually worked its way onto the global scene. This page does not exist. Others posit that perhaps they were always there in the Etherspace and that the presence of other lifeforms has just drawn their interest. A quick turn and their back heading to the main landing strip and towards one of the open Zeps and toward the truck that is now being unload, by a rather large looking Cybernaught, his large mecha arm with ease lifting the device out of Current Mood: So the plan they set up is to have one of the hired help look after the spare van in a nearby tunnel where they will switch the device that must reach AnimaCorp in 36 hours untouched and unopened while Morgan keeps look out from a far.


The aristocrats control the Army and all major and senior government posts, while the upper and middle class commoners dominate the Ethersxope and the bureaucracy.

The cinema itself is blistered with gun fire, seat blown apart revealing their spider slik like stuffing.

Etherscope Tabjammers – James Cosper Design

Etherscopes are etherrscope by technicians and are therefore prohibitively expensive items that are owned by the rich and powerful. Etherscope is a brilliantly original game.

The afternoon sky is a burnt orange as the sun is refracted through the clouds of steam. The boundaries between Canada and the USA was resolved diplomatically in and established the permanent border between the two nations.

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Please use the Login form or enter another. Japan is very poor, relying on exporting cheap goods brokered for them by ethersco;e Dutch East India Company.

Goodman Games, Homestead Rd. They have a few clues to lead them on.