EXTRA TERRITORIAL Books by George Steiner xtraterritorial Language and Silence Anno Domini The Death of Tragedy Tolstoy or. O 5 h-J stf 5 3 £ 2 2 5 q E O EXTRA- TERRITORIAL Books by George Steiner Extraterritorial Language and Silence Anno Domini The Death of. The Struggle Between Text and Land in Contemporary Jewry: Reflections on George Steiner’sOur Homeland, The Marmur – – History of.

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Extraterritorial: Papers on Literature and the Language Revolution

Ostrovsky’s statement that he refuted the charges made against him at the time of his condemnation is at best in- genuous. Latin poetry continued to be pro- tseiner until almost our own time.

All identity is active statement. Instead, that which cannot be spoken is-unspeakably- contained in that which is said!

It is at every point more than itself. Today there is reason to suppose that Samuel Beckett is the writer par excellence, that other playwrights extraterrtiorial novelists find in him the concentrated shadow of their strivings and privations. Beckett’s bibliography is as labyrinthine as N extraterritorixl or as some of the multilingual ceuvres Borges lists in his Fictions. They must do so precisely because a totalitarian model of society lays claim to the core and entirety of the human person.

It is for the reader of his works to judge between us. Richards idiom innate interaction language revolution less linguistic literary literature living logic Louis-Ferdinand Celine mathematical matter meaning mental metaphor mind modern Nabokov nature Noam Chomsky notion novel organic philosophic physics poem poet poetic poetry precisely prose psychoanalysis psychology question reality relations Roman Jakobson Stelner sciences seems semantic sense sensibility sentences silence social society specific statement symbolic syntactic syntax theory tion Today tongues transformational transformational grammar translation ture underlying universal universal grammar verbal verse vulgate Waiting for Godot Wittgenstein’s words writer.

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The point is crucial and must be put carefully. Even when we are outwardly mute, speech is active within and our skull is like an echo chamber. Censorship compels him to sharpen, to handle more expertly the prime instruments of his trade. With a scatological crudity comparable only to that of Streicher’s Sturmer, Celine depicts the Jew as the venomous louse in the body of Western culture.

Extraterritorial: papers on literature and the language revolution – George Steiner – Google Books

He bites me, the stinker! What we find is a long string of quotations from Celine’s novels, interrupted by quotations from other critics of admirers of Celine and tied together by comments from Dr.

Hence the weird, cool extrayerritorial which breathes from many Borges texts as from geotge sudden window on the night. The myth of Babel suggests an early awareness that there is a puzzle here, a curious mystery of waste. If we except certain obscure pamphlets published in eastern Europe at the turn of the century and associated exrtaterritorial the forgery of the so-called “Protocols of Zion,” Celine’s was extraterritoroal first public program goerge what was to be- come Hitler’s “final solution.

Ellison’s story has all the elements of a roman a clef. It is, in my opinion, a greater work than any of Celine’s, with the possible exception of Journey, and one of the secret masterpieces of modern literature. Only the inert is mute. How many knew of his first work, a summary of Greek myths, written in English in Buenos Aires, the author aged seven?

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Despite fascinating hints by the mathe- maticians Henri Poincare and Jacques Hadamard, scarcely anything is known about the intuitive and ratiocinative processes that underlie mathematical discovery. Reich, Sprache und Politik Munchner Germanisti. The “Chomskian revolution” pre-dates Chomsky.


There is in Beckett a formidable inverse eloquence. It does so by mimesis, by a parallel acting out and bodying forth of meaning. Long silence A extratetritorial for future dissertations: Ellison’s story has all the elements of a roman a clef.

Nothing destroys us more surely than the silence of another human being. An idiotic question, but one that every true chess player has at some time asked himself.


The analyst is a “translator into daylight. Chesterton, and Rudyard Kipling.

Beckett charts, in regard to his own needs, the proximate attractions of Joyce and Proust; he is most influenced by what he discards. Hall’s guarded conclusion seems closer to the facts: He uses the vulgate and mythology of Argentina to ballast what might otherwise be almost too abstract, too peregrine an imagination. In actual play, the hand poised on the other side of the board is in some measure his own. My feet tread the shadows of the lances that spar for the kill. His name remains strictly taboo except among a growing number of readers, many of them young people, to whom Les Deux Etendards is a revelation.