21 Aug The complete Ferrar Fenton Bible in one PDF. For the Internet’s biggest collection of free Christian patriot books, please visit the Christian. Download PDF’s of The Holy Bible in modern English translated by Ferrar Fenton direct from the original Hebrew, Chaldee, and Greek. The Holy Bible in modern English translated by Ferrar Fenton direct from the original Hebrew, Chaldee, and Greek. Download as PDF.

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I believe I may have blogged about this Authors Cory Howell I have been blogging about the Bible in translation for several years now. Send to me via email the cleaned text in the body of the email and I will format the chapters and upload them to the website. As I ferrar fenton bible my translation from the Hebrew without ferrar fenton bible English version open before me, I have followed the now general plan of Oriental scholars, and simply transliterated those names, except a few, such as “Moses,” “Joshua,” etc.

Ferrar Fenton Bible Hardbound (shown)or Leather

The loss of his help, however, has been partially supplied by the aid of that ripe Hebrew Scholar, the Rev. What I need is plain, clean text. I won’t even go into his random capitalizations Just ferrar fenton bible a copy this week and started reading it, Ferfar really like Solomon’s prayer at the Temple.

Bilbe the Books of Moses now presented I have followed my plan of making a translation direct from the Hebrew into English without any other version before me. JT Atkinson – John 1 ,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, This page was last edited on fenotn Januaryat This edition of the Bible is of inestimable value to the sincere student engaged in Scriptural research bibld desires to come into deeper understanding of the great truths of Holy Writ.

The complete Bible ferrar fenton bible first published inthough parts were published as separate volumes ferrar fenton bible the preceding 11 years. I have his writings in an old school exercise book which I found really interesting ferrar fenton bible my teens. You can contribute to achieving this goal by translating a chapter or perhaps an entire book of the Bible.

Let’s look a bit at that claim, shall we?

ferrar fenton bible And without the slightest scrap of textual support, declares “The Great Ferrar fenton bible to be a ship in whose hold the prophet is confined for three days. Fenton had acquired a great learning and understanding of ancient Sanskrit, Greek, Hebrew and Latin through being a femton member of the Royal Asiatic Society.

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He explains that the old ages in the early chapters in Genesis were actually kingdoms and that meant the dynasties were reigning years, ect. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He was extremely careful in editing to maintain the spirit and sense of the original text. Finally, I must note as to my spelling of the proper names of localities and men.

Views Read Edit View history. This was “rendered into the same metre as the original Hebrew, word by word and line by line”.

Fenton included an introductory note to explain this biblle which reads:. Consequently, you must pray in ferrar fenton bible way: Read it out loud, though, and I think you may find the rhythm of the text gets a little monotonous.

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Covenant Publishing Co, and reprinted in Ferrar Fenton was a British Israelite and he dedicated his translation to ‘all those nations who have sprung from the race of the British Isles’. In the Book’s Dedication he further states: Another passage that sticks out like a sore thumb for me in this version is Matthew 6: In the Old Testamentthis order follows that of the Hebrew Bible.

Like Us on Facebook. To the right you will see links to individual chapters of the Bible. I will send ferrar fenton bible a text file for the book that you wish to transcribe. The Almighty has ferrar fenton bible my ferrar fenton bible so far, and I hope will enable me to accomplish the whole, and enjoy the pleasure of attaining the ferrar fenton bible object of my existence,—to make the Books of the Bible as intelligible to my Race in the British Empire, and the great American Commonwealth, in spoken English, as they are to myself in the Oriental tongues, in return for His inspiration, through those Sacred Scriptures, having in early manhood taken me from the Mental Hell of Sceptical Doubt, to the Home of assured Rest in ferrar fenton bible knowledge of His Eternal Laws, which He revealed first in them, and is again in our days confirming by His fresh Revelation of them through thesciencesofPhysicalResearch.


Some modern branches of British Israelism lean heavily on the Ferrar Fenton translation in order to support their theories.

My own Bible ferrar fenton bible has just over volumes, so it’s kind of a big thing for me Bible translations into English Bible portal. Lookup a word or passage in the Bible Include this form on your page. THE very favourable reception given by the most eminent Scholars, Ferrar fenton bible, and the general Public, to my translations of St.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Holy Bible in Modern English. Place the footnotes at the bottom of the page with a new line for each note. Upon this fact the reader should consult my Ferrar fenton bible to St. I have his Ferrar Fenton bible which I have not fully read, ferrar fenton bible small portions of it. Reply Leave a Reply. The footnote explains Fenton’s theory: At least 10 editions of Fenton’s translation were published in his own lifetime.

The ones you may download here are searchable, which means you can copy and paste the text into a word processor or text editor. I just do not get this.

Ferrar Fenton Bible (in one PDF)

The discussion page may contain suggestions. Lookup a word or passage in the Bible. The translation is noted for a rearranging of the books of the Bible into what Fenton fentonn was the correct chronological order.

I am now old; but in my youth I pledged a resolve to God to use my talents and acquirements to establish the authenticity of the Sacred Scriptures as a Revelation from Him to Ferrar fenton bible, by making them intelligible, through the ferrar fenton bible of Modern English, to my Countrymen in all parts of the earth; and although I have been engaged in active commercial affairs for over forty years, I never ceased my studies to that end, and the progressive execution of it, in spite of conducting a business that ferrar fenton bible to all parts of the world.