The Foreign Service Officer Exam (FSOT) is administered by the United States Foreign Service to those seeking employment as a Foreign Service Officer. 27 Jan The tests consist of a job knowledge test, English language test, essays, oral exams, and a qualifications panel. Our 20 questions are modeled. fsot practice test fsot review questions fsot exam questions fsot practice questions free fsot exam sample questions.

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I hope it helps! JacksPath on January 9, at You can retake this as many times as you like by sending fsot practice test practicd email. Your purchase helps us make more great, free FSOT certification content for test-takers just like yourself. Exactly what I need to prepare fsot practice test essay, thank you! However, many of those who have taken the FSOT have said that the essay portion is one of the easier sections. You wrote on the bottom of the page that we would support you by purchasing something on Amazon.

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If you like it, then please share email and social media buttons to the left with others and let me know in the comments! Third, once you submit, you can quickly select what you have written and paste it in a grammar checking program. All told, there are nearly 12, Foreign Service personnel, and every single one of them got started on fsot practice test pathway to their prestigious job by taking the Foreign Service Officer Test, or FSOT. Fsot practice test are staffed by members of the Foreign Service.

Are there fsot practice test only five prompts or have more been added? If you do not pass the exam, you have to wait a full 12 months before retaking it.

The Foreign Service Officer Test

If you are taking the exam at a consulate or embassy, you must use your US passport as your ID. However, considering that its price fluctuates, it’s out of date and its practice test is lacking, it will sit at my 3 spot. The FSOT is offered three times a year and each testing window comes with its own registration window. If five does that mean I can use the simulator up to fsot practice test times to track improvement? Don’t remind me how much I spent so as to get this kind of perspective.


Ivana on February 3, at 1: Mark Tanner on December 29, at When taking the above practice quiz or any of the Study Guide tests, make sure that you keep the following in mind:.

Thanks so much for this tool; it is extremely helpful! Thank you so much. Since fsot practice test are limited in characters, it might be best to just name the source and then write the point. Jack on December 31, at There are four parts to the test. I’ve tested each of these can say that each was carefully fsot practice test and worth the free price as well as a couple of minutes or hours that it would take to finish them:.

The JK section is just a single set fsot practice test questions. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Incredible value fsot practice test money considering it is the most comprehensive and useful FSOT guide on the market. The other sections are English Expression and Usage, Biographic Information where you answer questions about your life experiencesand Job Knowledge.

FSOT Practice Essay Question Simulators (2018 Update)

Home Study Guide Flashcards. By signing-up you are also joining hundreds tezt other FSO applicants in a communal pursuit to join the Fsot practice test Service. Applicants can register for the exam during the three annual testing windows, and those taking it fsot practice test be U.

It rehashes some information, but definitely gives you a perspective that is critical.

FSOT Practice Essay Question Simulators ( Update) – Path to Foreign Service

Although your score on this pretest is by no means a guaranteed representation of what you should expect when taking the official FSOT exam, it is, however, a strong indication of where you lie in your FSO study program. Second, the prompts are all random! Danielle on July 16, at 3: Xion Fsot practice test on December 25, at This fsot practice test is full of absolute real insight that you can’t find online and full of tips and tricks that make this worth every penny.


There are subject areas fsot practice test discussion topics you can prepare for, but there is no way of determining what prompts you will be asked.

If fsot practice test would like to know a little more about its creation, and the two versions that exist, then read on. One section will require writing an essay in 30 minutes on an assigned topic.

One of my goals is to not only to become a Foreign Service Officer but to also help others accomplish this objective.

This demonstrates just how difficult the FSOT exam is.

The below guides will not “teach” you the fsot practice test matter, but help to give you tips and test secrets so as to help steer your studies. Applicants may take the test fsot practice test many times as they choose, but must wait a calendar year before a retest. I created the initial simulator to help solve some problems I was facing when trying to practice the essay portion of the FSOT. Because it covers such a wide span of information ranging from history to economics to math, you will need a carefully crafted study plan that includes a variety of different study methods.

However, Fsto believe they never checked out the other two study guides like I did. There are a total of four sections on the test: Will definitely help me for my future. There are websites out there that will prompt you with questions you fsot practice test find on the Job Knowledge section, but not the English Expression section, and not the Essay section, that is until now.

It makes my list only because these three are way more professional and useful than some of the other dribble fsot practice test exists on the market.