Price, review and buy Gehirn Und Verhalten: Ein Grundkurs der Physiologischen Psychologie by Monika Pritzel, Matthias Brand, Hans J. Markowitsch. : Gehirn und Verhalten: Ein Grundkurs der physiologischen Psychologie (Sav Psychologie) (German Edition) () by Monika Pritzel. Gehirn Und Verhalten: Ein Grundkurs Der Physiologischen Psychologie. Pritzel, Monika; Brand, Matthias; Markowitsch, J. H.; Pritzel, Monika; Brand, Matthias;.

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International Journal of Neuroscience32 Effects of reducing sensory-motor feedback on the appearance of crossed nigro-thalamic projections and recovery from turning induced by unilateral substantia nigra lesions. Implications for the interpretation of prefrontal symptoms.

Psychologische Rundschaupsychoolgie 1 A study with the horseradish peroxidase technique. Brain, Behavior and Evolution19 Behavioral and neuronal reorganization after unilateral substantia nigra lesions: Experimental Neurology83 1 Animal Learning and Behavior8 3 Attention and concentration deficits in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and their reversibility after nCPAP-therapy.

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The prefrontal cortex und learning. Comments on West et al. Brain Research Bulletin5 1 Brain Research Bulletin10 3 Plasticity of cortico-thalamic projections and functional recovery in the unilateral detelencephalized infant rat.

Monika Pritzel, Publikationsliste

Kainic acid lesions in the cats thalamus: Neuroscience grundukrs, 9 4 Experimental Neurology81 2 Seite weiterempfehlen Seite drucken nach oben. Aus der Geschichte lernen? Behavioral Biology22 3 Brain Research Bulletin11 6 Brain, Behavior and Evolution23 Acta Grundkues Experimentalis38 4 Organization of cortical afferents to the prefrontal cortex of the bush baby Galago senegalensis.

Lateralisierung des Zentralnervensystems und Verhalten: Afferents from limibic system-related regions to the frontal cortex in the bush baby Galago senegalensis. Lateral hypothalamic self-stimulation in the guinea pig after commissurectomy and unilateral removal of the telencephalon.


Biopsychologische Grundlagen und Methoden. Neuronal and behavioral plasticity: Cortical afferents to the prefrontal cortex of the cat: Single unit activity in cat prefrontal and physioloogischen association cortex during performance of spatial reversal tasks.

Behavioural Brain Research3 3 Physiological Psychology7 1 Brain Research Bulletin veerhalten, 7 4 Brain Research1 Prefrontal cortex of the cat. Brain Research3 ,