23 Nov I’m not really sure what to make out of this book. Yeah it was good in some parts and in my opinion, better than the other series (you know the. Summary: As always with CHERUB, some good and some not-so-good here. I really enjoyed the action but was slightly less impressed with the characters. Guardian Angel. Cherub, #2 by Robert Muchamore, Published: J J J J J I I I I I. Table of Contents. Chapter 1 Shortbread. Chapter 2 Kebabs .

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For example; One character – Ethan – has been guardian angel robert muchamore and put in a barn. Guardian AngelBook The first series focused on James and Lauren Adams and their gang fuardian fellow Cherub agents. Feb 14, Noah rated it it was amazing. In muchamkre book Ryan must finish the mission he started in the last book by finding Ethan Aramov who has been kidnapped by his relatives who want to take over the family business.

The first book is set in California while this book’s setting varies from Kyrgyzstan to Africa to Guardian angel robert muchamore even!

Ethan’s family runs a billion-dollar criminal empire and Ryan’s job is to destroy it. No eBook available Amazon. This book is about 14 year old Ryan. With Guardian Angel being the 2nd book of the Aramov, I think it’s enough.

The reader of this book will think that they can stop at the end of a chapter, guardian angel robert muchamore each chapter ends with a cliffhanger, making it virtually impossible to stop at the end of a chapter. Despite being above the target demographic of Robert Muchamore’s books I’m a year-old guyI still really enjoy all of his books.

Pros Ethan I liked how he developed through the guardian angel robert muchamore, being at first a lonely helpless boy and at the end some guardian angel robert muchamore to beats people up to get his freedom. Except the CIA also want the money from the clans drug business.

In the book I had lots of question but the question that puzzles me the most is why does the author get Ryan and grace together if Ryan stills her poster. I got quite emotional over it. Oct 30, Louise rated it it was amazing. Cherubs are all orphans who have been taken out of care homes and trained to work undercover. Grace either wanted a kiss, or she was making it look like she wanted to kiss as part of some evil plan to knee him in the balls or gouge out an eyeball.


I’ve also always liked his ‘shades of grey’ approach to morality – as usual in this book, there are good guys muchxmore bad things at times for the overall success of the mission. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

It has all the qualities a great book needs such as specific characters, interesting story, and of course enough action and suspense to make you want to savor guardian angel robert muchamore rest. Robert grew up listening to mix tapes sent to him by his older brother, developing tastes for indie bands like Joy Division, The Pogues and The Smiths.

Guardian angel robert muchamore chances of breaking it with anything on that island were nil.

CHERUB: Guardian Angel – Robert Muchamore – Google Books

I wish that Mr. May 01, Andrew Z added it.

I especially like the way his characters act their age because it just makes it easier to remember that they’re kids. It still focuses on a recurring cast of agents but this time Ryan Sharma and his friend Fu Ning are our central focus. Hopefully umchamore trilogy will end as great as it began, but we’ll have to wait and see! To view it, click here. For more information, go to www. Guardian angel robert muchamore you’ve not discovered the Cherub series, you’re in for anhel treat.

Aug 26, Melindaaaa rated it it was amazing Shelves: People who liked the first cherub series will hands down love the book Guardian Angel by Robert Munchmore. I really liked this book. Still a very entertaining book, which I’d recommend dobert anyone who likes Muchamore’s other guardian angel robert muchamore. This series of books, kicking off with People’s Republicall sort of focus on the same mission.

Guardian Angel – Robert Muchamore – Google Books

There are still good points – as ever, Muchamore writes strong action scenes and his plots are compelling, while he deserves credit for bringing real issues like people trafficking to the attention of his younger readers. After getting Ethan in ugardian out of trouble, Ryan finally befriends him, until Ethan’s world is turned upside down.

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There is a dojo for guardian angel robert muchamore arts a gift from the Japanese after CHERUB helped them on a missiona training field, a paintball course, dorms for all the agents, and a state-of-the-art mission control room. Oh and before she escapes she was going to be sold in the human muchamord stuff… which is also guzrdian guardian angel robert muchamore the Aramov business I think…. There is a lot of immature behaviour, as well as some swearing.

This book brings excitement to a whole new level, it is action packed. Krygyzstan to be precise. So you may gather that I was pretty excited to receive a copy muxhamore this from the guardian angel robert muchamore.

Guardian Angel provides both the nail-biting and the funny, all in equal spades. This book is filled with many tense action scenes and a lot of scenes were guardian angel robert muchamore thinking is needed, thats why i enjoy reading this book.

We meet all the main guardian angel robert muchamore and get to know them, while at the same time there is another story being told about a girl called Ning. Other books in the series. Nov 19, Anna rated it really liked it Shelves: But you went back, you always went back, you grabbed the one you missed, because you knew you missed something good for such is the way of the Muchamore.

His mother is assassinated and his grandmother kidnaps him to Kyrgyzstan. Fill in your details below or guardian angel robert muchamore an icon to log in: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. His uncle kidnaps him and locks him up in an animal cage without his grandmother knowing and he escapes and stuff.