Passer Angelfish. Due to variations within species, your item may not look identical to the image provided. Passer Angelfish (Holacanthus passer) Item: CN- . Latin name, Holacanthus passer – Valenciennes, Common name, King angelfish. Family, Pomacanthidae – Holacanthus. Origin, East Pacific, Central/ West. Fish guide for Passer Angelfish, Holacanthus passer, King Angelfish facts, information, description and pictures, Passer Angelfish care, diet and compatibility.

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This is based on a medium size hilacanthus, which you want to keep for several years. All adults consume various types of algae, sponges and to a lesser degree invertebrate eggs, cnidarians, and zooplankton.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

View 5 Animal Stories on King Angelfish. Food Maybee Zooplankton Cyclops, pods Yellow colonial polyps and Zoanthids have also been known to be nipped at. But by choosing your corals carefully, or by getting specific species of Angelfish, they can be kept in coral aquariums. They are very good pets! Use meaty foods sparingly. Can nibble at clams This species sometimes nibbles at clams including Tridacna species. Juveniles will set up cleaning stations and remove ectoparasites from a variety of fish including groupers, grunts, snappers, and goatfishes.

The tank should be mature with live rock that has plenty of naturally growing algae to supplement their diet. If they are introduced when young, a lucky aquarist may be able to keep two angels in one appropriately size aquarium, but such experiences tend to be the exception, not the norm.

To avoid this condition feed green leafy foods that have Vitamin A, as well as making sure there is plenty of natural occurring algae in the tank. Sexual differences Males are generally larger and have white pelvic fins.

The rocky-shore fishes of the Gulf of California. It is important to make sure there are a lot of places to hide and to add this fish to the tank last. Diurnal grazer on sessile invertebrates and algae but specializes to a larger extent on sponges. Private conversation – saltvandsforum. In the wild juveniles feed mostly on filamentous algae, but are also known to clean external parasites from other fish.


Latest Reader Comment – See More. Hermaphroditic This species can change gender from female to male. Over gallons l would be needed if you chose to put them with a Pomacanthus angelfish. They have not holxcanthus in captivity and hence can be very difficult to find in most hobby shops, although they are slightly more available through mail order companies.

King Angelfish

Mix Focus in a ratio of 5 to 1 with their Metronidazole 5 parts Focus to one part Metrothen mix this with 1 tablespoon of food. Requires plenty of space holacathus swimming.

All I can say is that maybe this fish is exactly like it says, moderately hardy. The King Angelfish is found on the the west side of this land bridge in the Eastern Pacific Ocean and the Queen Angelfish is found on the east side in the Western Atlantic.

When she is ready to spawn she will rise toward the male, and at about 13 feet from the bottom the male will move himself just below her belly and will nuzzle it with his nose.

Juveniles will have the same white band running vertically across the body, but it is longer and slowly shrinks in length as the fish ages.

Holacanthus passer, King angelfish : aquarium

Availability King Angelfish are commonly available in stores and online, and range in price from expensive to very expensive, holacannthus on size. Well established aquarium with algae These fish should be kept in a well run aquarium where they can “graze” algae from rocks and stones. It is also advantageous to choose fish of different sizes. Not available FishBase mirror site: Water quality must also be very high, so that the fish do not get stressed for that reason either.

A larger tank might be needed for fully-grown specimens.

If you see multiple errors on the page for this species, please report these in separate forms by clicking on this button again after submitting this form Species: Water quality must be kept high and and a pH of at least 8. It might be possible to keep smaller specimens for a limited period in a smaller tank.

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Moderate vulnerability 35 of Views Read Edit View history. That will prevent the parasite from completing its life cycle which includes the attachment to fish. Juveniles mostly eat algae and are cleaners of larger fish like snappers, groupers, grunts, and goatfish.

King angelfish primarily inhabit the middle and bottom of the water column of rocky tropical reefs, [1] including in the larger crevices between rocks, and juveniles can occasionally be found in tide pools.

King angelfish are monogamous within their pairs and, during their spawning cycle, will mate daily around sunset. These fish may live in tanks with Pomacanthus angelfish in a tank of at least gallons l but again, should be added after Pomacanthus as the last resident. But because it can get big it needs at least a gallon aquarium. Holacanthus are some of the hardier Angelfish, but they are still vulnerable to parasitic attack and need quality varied food with a good supply of nori and Spirulina.

Choice pssser species It is important not to choose species that are too similar, the greater the variance, the larger the chance of success.

These adults can range from a grayish green to a dark blue overall, accented with a flash of white running vertically down the holacantuhs from the dorsal fin to the pectoral fin. Brian – My Passer is a periodic hellion, but like him any way, and he lives with a Queen, an enormous French angel, and a blue-ringed angel as well.