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Within the subsample of galaxies detected both in H i and in CO, the fraction varies greatly, from 0. No other selection criteria on colour, morphology or spectral properties for example were applied.

Episodic excursions of low-mass protostars on the Hertzsprung—Russell diagram.


For any subsample of N galaxies with CO non-detection, we calculate a mean stacked spectrum: The mean scaling relations are also overplotted, with symbols uram described in Fig. We used equation 3 and Fig. One result that we wish to highlight is the existence of sharp thresholds in galaxy structural parameters such as stellar surface mass density, below which most galaxies have measurable atomic and molecular gas components, but above which the detection rate of both the H i and CO lines drops drastically.

In Igam 5 and 6 we present the first COLD GASS scaling relations, correlating molecular gas masses with global galaxy parameters including stellar mass and atomic gas mass. Table 2 is published in its entirety in the electronic version of the journal see Supporting Information. All scans are visually examined, and those with distorted baselines, increased noise due to poor atmospheric conditions, or anomalous features are discarded.

Ages of asteroid families with the YORP-eye method. The contents of the catalogue are as follows.

A large unbiased sample of galaxies which can serve as a reference for such particular objects would also be very valuable. If the line is detected, the window is set by hand to match the observed line profile.

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The results ira, shown in equally populated bins, each containing 37 galaxies. For the non-detection, an upper limit for the flux of see equation 5 is set. The resulting mean relations are plotted in Fig. To extract information from the CO non-detections, we also perform a stacking analysis.

The process includes registering the images and smoothing them to a common point spread function PSF. The conditions listed in Section 1which are required to obtain reliable scaling laws, are routinely met by optically selected samples of galaxies at a low redshift.


Furthermore, it has since been shown that the mass—metallicity relation is even more fundamental Tremonti et al. As we will describe, existing data sets do not, in general, meet all of these conditions.

Overall, the molecular gas contents are more modest, averaging at for the CO detections, and at 0. However, such a prescription has yet to be observationally or theoretically validated. For example, in the redshift range 0. Finally, our observations provide stringent upper limits on molecular gas uram in the case of CO non-detections. Even 3590 the stack, the red galaxies lead to a non-detection of the CO line, thus setting an even more restrictive upper limit on the molecular gas mass fraction of 0.

We are grateful to Nario Kuno for providing us with total 3059 for his sample of nearby galaxies. As shown in Fig. Fluxes are measured by integrating over the region identified though this process, and the flux ratio between offset and central irma is used to determine an appropriate aperture correction for each galaxy using the technique described in Section iraam.

The mean molecular gas fraction of the CO detections is 0. Other iraj to lram error budget on include a flux calibration error 10 per cent at a wavelength of 3 mm, under average atmospheric conditions and the uncertainty on the aperture correction which we estimate to be 15 per cent based on Fig.

In short, the galaxies observed as a part of GASS are selected at random out of a larger parent sample of galaxies that meet the following criteria. Recently, much effort has been put into 350 homogeneous and relatively deep high spatial resolution molecular gas maps covering the optical discs of nearby galaxies Regan et al. Non-detections in H i but with a CO detection are shown as lower limits. Under good observing conditions, sensitivity to this minimum gas fraction, or an absolute minimum rms of 1.

When building the scaling relations, we correct for this by weighing each point according to its stellar mass. Furthermore, even though Catinella et al. Detections in CO are shown as circles filled: The efficiency of the observations is also maximized by our single tuning approach see Section 4.


For all four relations, we quantify the strength of the dependence of on the x -axis parameter in two idam. With reliable measurements of molecular gas for a large, unbiased sample of galaxies, it is possible not only to quantify scaling relations, but also to construct an accurate molecular gas mass function.

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These galaxies require on average an rms sensitivity of 1. Line emission from the CO molecule was first detected in the central parts and discs of nearby galaxies 35 years ago Rickard et al. A similar result was found by Catinella et al. These galaxies are identified itam by asterisks in column 6 of Table 2and aperture corrections are performed using a version of equation 3 appropriate for these larger offsets.

We thank the anonymous referee for a constructive and helpful report. We also fold into this catalogue 15 galaxies observed in June, as a part of a pilot programme designed to test the feasibility of the survey.

In future work, we plan to look more carefully at these issues. Galaxies are in the same order as in Table 1 to ease cross-referencing. Intriguingly, atomic gas dominates in the minority of galaxies that are above threshold and that have a significant cold gas content. There are four general requirements on the data if the derived scaling laws are to be reliable: This single tuning procedure results in enormous time savings of 15 min per source, and in an improved relative ira, accuracy.

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However, some of the galaxies have optical diameters in excess of this, and an aperture correction needs to be applied. The blue circle shows the central position of the arcsec beam, and the orange circle the offset position, located three quarters irram a beam from the centre for G, G, Irzm, G and G, the offset was taken one full beam away from the centre; see Section 4.

The ultimate goal is to understand the physical processes that affect the gas content of these galaxies e.