Jannat Kay Pattay – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. To Jannat Kay Pattay. Lapata by Nimra Ahmed Urdu Novels Center (Urdunovels Aab e Hayat Episode 13 by Umera Ahmed-zemtime. com. Documents Similar To Jannat k Pattay by Nimra Ahmed. Aab-e-Hayat. Uploaded by. UmairKhan. Lapata by Nimra Ahmed Urdu Novels Center (Urdunovels Documents Similar To Jannat Kay Pattay 2. Jannat Lapata by Nimra Ahmed Urdu Novels Center (Urdunovels Aab E Hayat by Umera Ahmed Episode 7.

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Mushaf by Nimra Ahmed Not in bits and pieces.

And then these girls have their stories. It was about Ayeshe too A non-niqaabi, only-hijaabi girlabout DJ too a non-hijaabi, non-niqaabi girl and the message I tried to convey is that its about time Hijaabi girls should stop taking non-hijaabi ones as Kaafir, episoed and bad girls, and non-hijaabi girls should start showing some respect for the hijaab.

Jannat Ke Pattay XII By Nimra Ahmed

Peer e Kamil full urdu novel by Umera Ahmed. LaPata By Nimra Ahmed Account Options Sign in. Ahmaq Tamashai by Nimra Ahmed 3. Pahari Ka Qaidi by Nimra Ahmed Learn How to apply makeup.


Namal Full Novel 2. One of the top urdu novel in pakisan and making a special place in readers heart. Umera Ahmed’s Amar Bail. A very popular novel which makes a very special place in your heart. We are portraying humans, not angels, and we are portraying Pakistani girls and if they are not perfect, we have to write about imperfect ones. janna

Apni ungli by Nimra Ahmed 4. Forget the others, even my previous heroines were not the perfect Islamic girls, and no one can be perfect.

Sans Sakin Thi by Nimra Ahmed A message I always give: And JKP partay not about Haya only.

Online Reading: Jannat Kay Pat’tay By Nimrah Ahmed Episode

Something every hijaabi girl can relate with. Just like a non-doctor cannot understand the troubles of a medical , non-hijaabis can never understand those of hijaabi girls. Guman by Nimra Ahmed 6. Mah e Tamam by Amna Riaz: But as a whole.

Paras By Nimra Ahmed All Nimra Ahmed Novels List 1.


They will wear it with every non-mehram, even try their best on their wedding, and other functions to cover themselves up. Amarbail By Umera Ahmed. This mutual tolerance eplsode only help us become a better Muslim and a better human being.

Had By Nimra Ahmad 7. Mehr Un Nisa by Nimra Ahmed In the recent years, when we are seeing much religion-related stuff in print and electronic media, whenever a protagonist is portrayed with strokes of Deen, writer is most of the times not always hung between story and religion, and as a result, paytay or more aspects of religious sanctions are ignored.

But there are some girls, some because they are very few in millionswho at least try to adopt Hijaab completely. Peer e Kamil Urdu Novel.

Or else people cannot relate to them.