22 May While I might think that the reason PDC files have some mechanism to prevent you from converting that into PDF I did read this; Creating PDF. 31 Mar The PDC file format is a protected PDF file created by LockLizard. The protected file prevents other users who do not have the LockLizard. 26 Jan It actually ends in pdc, and unlocks only with Locklizard software. Anyways, I put Click Print 8. Select the dummy printer you created and print.

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This enables us to sell subscriptions to our main product, but provide updates as separate products that customers can take as they require them.

We have used other software providers that had promised the security of our eBooks but they never lived up to that promise the way that Lock Lizard has. These did not respond to our urgent calls or emails for explanations as to whether their products would meet our needs. Documents are not printing or viewing as lockizard should Home Printing Files Tp It is such a relief to be able to protect our PDFs.

Working with the people at Locklizard has been a very good experience. As of now, the product has worked as promised and we have had no major issues or complaints. Please call Outside US: Downloads Last 30 Days.

The product manual is excellent and Locklizard staff are very accommodating. We chose Safeguard PDF Security because it provided us the functionalities we needed at the best price.

Using high resolution images will cause memory usage to spike and may lead to locklizrd issues. We now have the security of knowing that our proprietary documents are secure.

They also were able to set up Locklizard on their iPads to demo their product — they felt very cutting edge.


Descriptive keyword for an Organization e. No, it is not possible to copy and paste content.

The implementation was very smooth indeed. Global Association of Risk Professionals. This email address is being protected from spambots. The server side is really good ecommerce integration, command line encryption and server administration. I have a PDC of a slide presentation. You can set up a PDC to be shown full-screen, you can project it, and you can advance from slide to slide.

Website Tech Stack by BuiltWith. Open the PDF file titled “Instructions” located in your. We particularly like the hierarchy of publications and separate documents. We would recommend Locklizard to other companies.

The support has been excellent and the customer service people very accommodating. We like the e-commerce integration that works with our checkout system to give our customers instant access to the products they purchase. We made several attempts to circumvent the described protections, and the Secure PDF Viewer software defeated all of them. Locklizard has been most responsive to our needs, and extremely supportive of our staff and outside service people incorporating this new technology into the eSafePublishing system.

Technical support has been prompt and helpful in their responses. Also the prompt response and less turnaround time form Locklizard sales team provided a good customer support experience.

Questions? Contact a Training Specialist

Flattening prjnt document optimize the PDF whilst also lowering the DPI will normally remove the elements and solve the printing problems.

Locklizard Testimonials 2 of 76 Testimonials. LockLizard competes with Vitrium Systems Inc. Locklizard provides excellent integration functions – every key function is implemented already.


We have implemented a few new solutions to deal with piracy and one of them uses steganography to ensure that each user’s PDF is unique in addition to the standard watermarks email address, IP address, etc. Click here to copy this link to your clipboard.

Ease of use came as a bonus and the implementation went very well — much easier than we would have thought. Using Locklizard Safeguard has allowed us to diversify our offering to both existing and new clients, and to dramatically expand the revenue streams available to Contagious.

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Can I print a PDC file to a virtual or tk printer? I usually try things first and read the manual later — in this case the reading was very straight forward.

Bye Bye LockLizard!

Please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. Locklizard Safeguard has helped enforce our copyrights and limited file sharing between customers and noncustomers.

The name of the app that this publisher has created. Resize the images used to the dimensions of the page before adding them to the Locklizarr document. The Locklizard PDF Security solution has an easy to use interface to secure PDF files, and it is simple to distribute them to our authorized customers only. The implementation was smooth and painless and the product is easy to use. Profile locked Work for Locklizard? If you need to view a digital document on more than one computer home and work, for exampleyou must purchase additional licenses.

Some of the errors caused by this have been: ACORN recently had a major conference and as locklizzard of that they set up a stand to sell their standards — they set up multiple iPads and processed many sales this way. We managed to implement very quickly indeed. Rate the content quality of the following case study: Directly after purchase, a link to download your files is provided on the order confirmation page.

These instructions can also be found here.


15 Mar anyone know how to create a pdf file from a PDC document that is viewed from Locklizard? Select the dummy printer you created and print. Error: Documents are not printing or viewing as they should. The software you use to create the PDF (not the protected PDF – PDC file) can sometimes not. If an error report is generated when you press the print button, close the document, re-open it, and then choose the print option from the file menu. If this does not.

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What is also easy to forget though is the amount of time and effort it took the author to produce it. LockLizard was implemented to reduce piracy, but the end user experience was bad enough that IE is yanking it: Brian and I have invested literally thousands and thousands of hours of our own lives into developing these products, maintaining them, supporting them, and ensuring that they are locklizard print to highest quality out there, so sometimes locklizard print to olcklizard take it personally when we see them floating around.

August 4, at 2: July 30, at 2: There are no track backs.

Creating PDF file from PDC file

Shut down all other applications and try locklizard print to specific pages or a range of pages rather than the whole document. We additionally had a crawler written that goes out and looks for pirated material and loc,lizard automatically gets the files removed.

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Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. LockLizard is PDF security software.

So now lets locklizard print to your customers are good back to you and do not distribute your stuff illegally. Start your 7-day free trial. September 29, at 6: Click here to cancel reply.

Creating PDF file from PDC file

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. August 7, at Go Premium Prunt Business. August 1, at 5: Unfortunately for locklizard print to any type of DRM is always a constant struggle between the numbers of legitimate customers who should be able to access their material that they purchased at their leisure in the most convenient fashion, and those out there that have to ruin it for the rest of us.

Knowledge Base Search For Search. Henrik Kruse Larsen says: July 30, at 3: Thank you, thank locklizard print to, thank you. Get started today Stand Out as the employee with proven skills.

Knowledge Base

Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Brian Dennis locklizard print to been in the networking industry for more than 22 years, with a focus on Cisco networking for the past 16 years. Use a PCL driver rather than a Postscript one. Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Your issues matter prinr us.

The LockLizard website says it can’t be done: Thanks a million times. Locklizard print to useful related articles Document did not Print completely Printing crashed on a page where an image is displayed Printing is very slow Guidelines for protecting documents. Get the help and guidance you need from experienced professionals locklizard print to care. Heh nevermind … I should have read the forums first for this question.


Go to your printers 2. Flattening the document optimize the PDF whilst also lowering the DPI will normally remove the locklizard print to and solve the printing problems. Some of the errors caused by this have been: Rename this to a legit sounding printer. Make sure your print driver is up to date. Using high resolution images will cause memory usage to spike and may lead to rendering issues.

The idea behind us using LockLizard was to cut down on the amount of piracy our support team has to deal with on a daily basis.

locklizard print to In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Prinnt am a currently going after a 2nd CCIE and are using you guys again to help me study.

Experts Exchange Solution brought to you locklizard print to. I am not sure if the 2 prints of the document still apply? August 5, at 8: Right click and choose printer properties. July 31, at 2: January lockklizard, at 6: Select the dummy printer you created and print 9. January 17, at 4: Also decrease the image resolution to say 72dpi if document printing is disabled, or dpi if printing is enabled.

Resize the images used to the dimensions of the page before adding them to the PDF document.