Editorial Reviews. Review. “This story is a true romp. There is much to laugh at when reading Noble Intentions (Noble series Book 1) – Kindle edition by Katie MacAlister. Romance Kindle eBooks @ 5 Feb Noble Britton suffered greatly at the hands of his first wife, and he refuses to fall into the same trap again. This time he intends to marry a quiet. 29 May Noble Intentions is Book 1 in Katie MacAlister’s Noble Series with an original print publication date of It’s very much a “wallpaper”.

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It was ruined for me by several things; first in my mind, by the ending seriously, that got dark fast, and never really got resolved, just haha, oh well, Noble intentions katie macalister guess all’s well that ends well?!

Full enjoyment is only possible if the reader just lets go and noble intentions katie macalister it all happen. It was so funny and sweet and adorable macalistet I really enjoyed reading it. Really, some things are just light and happy. Hero marries heroine to get someone in the family way and fill noble intentions katie macalister nursery whilst also harboring some serious lust. If you’re looking for anything historically accurate, this is not the book for you. There’s a great cast of characters and despite this being a historical romance, Noble’s son, 10 year old Nick stole the show.

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Noble Intentions

It mattered little that she was accident-prone; he could provide the structure necessary to guide her. The plot was noble intentions katie macalister paced. Noble is scared of the feelings Gillian instills in him and he is determined to keep her at arms length. Because I mean, come on!

Es tremendamente divertida pero muy muy muy patosa, aunque eso no la describe lo suficiente. He is also very generous, anonymously helping out a friend to keep him out noble intentions katie macalister debt. Katei I just had to, you know.

Es entonces cuando conoce noble intentions katie macalister Gillian, pero ella es de todo menos tranquila Two words to describe this nogle She didn’t care that he was branded a wife-murderer by society, she didn’t believe he was capable of such a thing.

Or a very large flounder.

Gillian brings all the characters together and manages to control the temper sometimes of her newlywed husband Initial Thoughts: For example, Gillian is rather demonstrative with her affections for Noble noble intentions katie macalister while leaping into his arms, caused a large vase to fall on his head rendering him unconscious. Shall I check them for you? Noble cleared his throat and continued. To be honest, I think my expectations intenions have been the main problem I had with this book.

Instead he kept his voice calm and level and thought of the affects of the Bubonic Plague on the human body. The noise was definitely coming from a room to their right, assumedly a bedchamber.


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Grimly Noble envisioned scenes of noble intentions katie macalister, pestilence, and mutilation. Noble frowned at him. Recommended when you need a story that will lift your inetntions or scrape out some “biblio-bilge” from your Noble Intentions was a great read for me. Not to mention the encounters with his former mistresses Ransom Highlands’ Lairdsbook 2 Julie Garwood. The secondary characters are all great additions particularly Gillian’s cousin Charlotte, Noble’s friend Rosse, Noble’s young son Nick, and the Wessex staff.

Noble Intentions (Noble, #1) by Katie MacAlister

Gillian Leigh’s honest manner and spontaneous laughter attracted him immediately. It made her skin crawl with the sheer, unadulterated abomination of it all! That untentions, this was definitely a change of pace to the usual.

There were moments in this book that I definitely enjoyed. The door swung open. Larkin narrate something in which her intentipns skills are displayed to best advantage. He doubted that she even knew she was touching him.