21 Dec They also say investigating Oromo society without considering the Gadaa System is merely like a man walking without a skeleton. In fact, many. Moral values in the Oromo Gada system: an ethno-philosopical reflection. 9 Apr Definition. The Gadaa system is an indigenous egalitarian democratic system practiced among the Oromo nation of East Africa for the last six.

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Among other structural elements of Gadaa system is its legislative body commonly known as Gadaa General Assembly. Oromo philosophy, art and calendar are based on Gada as an expression of Oromo civilization.

There is deep personal identification between the members of the class and their leadership. Fortunately, while he was looking after his herds Waaqa God spoke to him under Odaa tree sycamore tree that he had to preform what Waaqaa God order him. Cultural and historical heritages are the manifestation of a given society’s social, economic and political identity.

Then, after sons join the Gada System and collectively as a class pass through the five grades daballe, junior game, senior game, kussa, raba dorithe abbaa raagaa oral historians teach the sons argaa- dhageettii eyewitness accounts and oral traditions about history, laws, rituals, time reckoning, cosmology, myth, rules of conduct as well as the function and importance of the Gada System.

In general were called as active members and were passive according to ‘seera caffee’ council laws presentation.

As to the study, age-set type of organizations might have begun when the society needed to sustain social order among themselves and to repel their rivals that were competing with them for land, water and power. There are also abundant ethnographic and historic evidences indicating that the Sstem had an effective military organization, not only in the sixteenth century but also in the subsequent centuries until the conquest of Emperor Menilik gads Abyssinia in the late 19 th?

As such, he plays an indispensable role in power transfer occasions and legitimizing the ruling Gada System. Gada assemblies, power transfer ceremonies and transition rites took place at these cultural spaces gaca Oda sycamore tree which is regarded as the wystem of the Gada System.


For the Oromo today, Gada constitutes a dynamic living culture that regulate contemporary Oromo political, social, economic and religious life. Analysis and Lessons Learned Time – among the Guji-Oromo the general assembly takes place once in every eight years and mostly for a week, just a week before power transfer. Members of each group have the right to participate and preform obligation.

On the bright side, however, the enthusiasm and participation of the Oromo youth has been increasing tremendously.

Flowering and the ripping period of grains. One is the system in which the members of each class are recruited strictly on the basis of chronological age which the anthropologists call Age Sets. Oromo horsemanship is a highly prized aspect of their culture and it had a great deal to do with their military success over the centuries.

Ethiopia: Key Background Information On Gadaa System

Gada system, an indigenous democratic socio- political system of the Oromo Name of the element in the language and script of the community concerned: The legislative and adjudicatory supremacy of the general assembly is historically conditioned and culturally deep-rooted. There were many age sets under each grade and many Cibras under one age set. Gada system Horn of Africa. The other most important thing is that the Past – Present – Future – are systsm the assembly. Are there any specific roles or categories of persons with special responsibilities?

They have their own time, place and events to do so. After people got stifled at home for three months owing to the rain season,it is generally a season of interaction, vivacity and a period when social cohesion reaches at its zenith. The systen rituals by which the genealogical social group the sons passes from one grade to the next is performed every eight years during the life cycle.

The Yuba take part in Gada Assembly and indeed have some residual political power in the Assembly. But, they have given information on their reference to African societies that used to live along the Nile Valley and around East African peoples.

Between the 17 th? The Oromo Nation is the community concerned with the Gada system. After eighty years of the Gada cycle the Yuba enter the stage of Gadamojji complete retirement Gadamoji is the eleventh orono final stage of the gada grades.

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Horn Affairs

Sirna hopes that it is inevitable that women continue to participate and deliberate in Gadaa general assembly. It would be very difficult to define and easily know the meaning of Gadaa unless we split it into the religious, political, and cultural institutions. A futuristic, governance 2. Gada functions as a system of cooperation, social integration, enforcement sysem moral conduct and principle of peaceful co-existence with other ethnic groups.

Gadaa – Wikipedia

Inscribed in It appears in five names of Gadaa parties that were named by relating to the religious, political and economic life of the society. By using this gafa, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And they begin to grow a new hairstyle to represent their new status.

The late Donald Levine has said [4] that Gadaa is “one of the most complex systems of social organization ever devised by the human imagination”. As a governance System, Gada guides the life course of individuals and regulates political, economic, social and religious activities of the community. The existing differentiation of functions ofomo minimal ranking does not imply inequality or hierarchy. The assembly was led by a speaker – ex- Abba Gadaa. All political, social and economic affairs of Oromo and institutions like adoption ‘Moggaasaa’conflict resolution ‘Araara’compensation ‘Gumaa’marriage law ‘Rakoo’Oromo religion ‘Waaqeffannaa”Irreeaaaa’, Siinqee and Marabbaa were make up of Gada system.

It is offered for human beings to maintain peace. As to elders in the earlier days, Gadaa was purely a religious institution that helped the society as a constitution. Whereas, among the Borana-Oromo, the general assembly takes place once in eight in the middle of the term of office of a leader.

Establishing Confidence in the Judiciary Ethiopia: The dividing line between the various definitions is shrouded in mystery and indistinct unless contexts or terms are understood. It is a term loosely used for so many varied concepts that it has not any single meaning.