After getting back to the corporate world, there’s this itch that pushes me to get back to do business.  So after 4 months, finally,  my colleagues (Mitch and Pepe) and I have shared a common interest “To Build a Business”. This time it was different though as most of our ideas being thrown were pure traditional business, high initial capital is required. We’ve tried searching about Franchising and some other stuffs that systems are made already. But for me, none of those interests me, I am more interested into building a new product or bringing an existing product into a new market.

So one coffee night, I tried to toss my all time snack food when I was in high-school, “Pastil”. They got curious and I made them Google it, and eventually they bought the idea. To fast track things, we failed at first and got a bit troubled not of the product but Cebu has its own taste. This has been difficult for us and we kept on iterating and changing of the recipe and we’re glad that we found the taste of Cebu!

Right now, we are serving hot Pastil in UP Cebu, JCentre and in Zeibar’s Canteen.

What is Pastil?

Pastil is a Maguindanao delicacy which is basically steamed rice topped with meat flakes (chicken, fish, beef) and wrapped in banana leaf. The most popular topping is chicken flakes. Pastil has become famous for people on the go or students on a budget.

For a traveler, it can be the salve to a hungry tummy after traipsing, rediscovering and being re-awakened over places, events, people and food of the Philippines that we should be proud of.