hey all – just got in my new Puxing PX-2R sans english manual.. anyone have a pdf version handy? thanks!. Puxing PX-2R Manual by SouthwestPinzgauerAssociation. 28 photos. 4 Sep I have one of theses radios no box or manual anyone know of a quick . I’ve disassembled the PX-2R and put up instructions with photos and.

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As I live in Kansas, I have zero problems working the “local” 70cm repeater, even though it’s over 10 miles away!

Puxing PX-2R Product Reviews

It feels sturdy and the recieve audio sounds clear and I get good reports on transmit audio. Puxiing prolific drivers can detect these chips and will not allow them to interface with Windows software.

A quick Google search found what I needed and I was all set. Very poor tx audio reported puxing px 2r manual me with just about every transmission.

Contact the site with comments or questions. I don’t know if it’s made by Puxing, or puxkng it’s any good, but it appears the same.

Puxing PX-2R User Manual

Contact the site with comments or questions. As with my other Puxing, the build quality is outstanding and I wish they would build a 2 meter version! Unfortunately, I got Chinese manuals!! It has enough power to hit the local repeater and it can even get into a repeater puxing px 2r manual 22 miles away with a good antenna.

Battery life on a full charge is excellent, easily giving a full puxing px 2r manual 10 hours on Hi power in the field with some left over. Puxing PX plus user manual. For the price, it’s a good radio. The FM radio is a nice feature to have also. As many have noted, the manual leaves a lot to be desired but once puxing px 2r manual figure things out puxing px 2r manual relatively straightforward to use.


However having had one of these in the lab albeit briefly I cannot reccomend it for serious comms particularly puxing px 2r manual hilltops near shared mast sites. It comes up in Chinese mode which displays most characters as a series of???. Well built, easy to program, and the fact that it uses a pucing cell phone battery that Puxing px 2r manual can buy off the shelf almost anywhere is a plus.

Page 15 Puxint radioscanner. The user experience is pleasant. Can you figured how to erase a channel stored in the device’s memory without erasing everything? Outstanding design, incredible sound and mwnual the info from the manual english and the topics from here, I managed to find all the settings – puxing px 2r manual almost.

My only nik is the manual. Manal the original PX-2R, the s-meter was completely unusable as it would vary, randomly jumping around like a hyperactive kid.

You have to learn the puzing as you go to get all functions set. Is it rain proof? The software was contaminated and would ;x open so I downloaded it off puxing px 2r manual internet. I’m a Mac person so I didn’t get the cable and software.

I was hoping to find another plug so I could wire it to an external battery pack or something, but it uses a puxing px 2r manual 2. I was even more pleasantly surprised as Mmanual had fixed a couple of the minor issues with the original radio and added some features as well.

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My only nik is the manual. Good battery life and being able to charge using a USB cord is great! I pretty much echo everything said so far. How do you connect to PC? It has broadcast FM turned on by default so the first thing I had to do was go puxing px 2r manual the menu and turn off FM.


I was able to access several repeaters from my living room. Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review. Had a bit of a learning curve programming it. I had a few Puxings but this one is definitely a winner.

Your msnual bet is to order a serial cable with a DB-9 connector and get a USB-Serial dongle puxing px 2r manual a genuine Prolific chip to program the radio. After puxing px 2r manual I was able to program it.

I found one puxing px 2r manual on the Web who has instruction on modifying it.


Performance of this radio is over the top for a shirtpocket radio. Good battery life and being able to charge using a USB cord is great! You have to learn the radio as you go to get all functions set.

The puxing px 2r manual you puxing px 2r manual trying to view does not exist or was suspended by the site admin. Mnual 3 QTX radioscanner. Power seems good, All in all, I love this little rig!!

New to Ham Radio? The manual left a lot to be desired so I ordered the programming cable and software about 6 days. Puxing px 2r manual to Ham Radio? Overall a great value. It still has a maanual audio pop as the squelch closes but that seems to be much lower than that on my older UHF PX-2R. Page 10 QTX radioscanner. If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager.