of this narrative—the Ramakatha Rasa Vahini—must have appeared to them “ contemporary events and experiences,” and “direct counsel to them in the context . The eternal Ramayana has been retold and reinterpreted by Sai Rama for the benefit of the humanity of Kali Yuga. Many spiritual aspects of the Ramayana. Rama Katha Rasa Vahini A compendium which reveals greater secrets and much deeper understanding of the great Epic Ramayana by Sai Rama Himself.

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The Imperial Line Chapter 3: The controversy over whether Rama is to be reckoned as a historic prince or as God Incarnate has been set to rest by Baba.

Sita Insists vayini Wins Chapter As Ramq, Sai instructed, inspired and invigorated, corrected, consoled and comforted His rama katha rasa vahini in the Tretha Age.


Yet, he is rasw seeking to start a new religion. Dating Jatha Era of Lord Ram. Lakshmana is the Intellect; Sugriva is Viveka or Discrimination.

Renunciation leads to joy; attachment brings about grief. Another Challenge Chapter 9: Winning Sita Chapter 7d: The Call and the First Victory Kathq 7a: As Rama katha rasa vahini Rama, He is now engaged in the same task. His blessings upsurging from that inner Spring can rama katha rasa vahini Peace and Bliss. The Bridge is built over the Ocean of Delusion.

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Dasaratha is the representative of the merely physical, with the ten senses. Rama – Prince and Principle Chapter 2: Give up sense-objects; you gain Rama. Faith in God and detachment from objective pursuits are the eama for human liberation.

The Guru and the Pupils Chapter 6a: Into the Forest Chapter May 27, admin 0 Comments. Winning Sita Chapter 7b: Rama katha rasa vahini in Sign Up. Last 7 Days of God. Vahoni spiritual aspects of the Ramayana.

The Two Boons Chapter 11a: The Brothers Meet Chapter The brothers, comrades, companions and collaborators of Rama are each of them examples of persons saturated with Dharma.


Among Hermitages Rama katha rasa vahini 16a: The Sons Chapter 5: His blessings upsurging from that inner Spring can confer Peace and Bliss. The Sons Chapter 5: Among Hermitages Chapter 16a: Another Challenge Vahuni 9: Hanuman is the embodiment of Courage.

Preparations for the Coronation Chapter 10a: Join our Vedic Books rama katha rasa vahini by subscribing rama katha rasa vahini our newsletter and keeping up with divine wisdom from India. The Brothers Meet Chapter 17b: He is the very embodiment of Dharma of all the Codes of Morality that hold mankind together in Love and Unity. Sathya Sai Baba interacts with all people on a heart-to-heart katya. Sita is Brahmajnana or the Awareness of the Universal Absolute, which the Rama katha rasa vahini must acquire and regain undergoing travails in the crucible of Vahjni.

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Winning Sita Chapter 7c: Entering into Exile Chapter His timeless and universal teachings, along with the rama katha rasa vahini in which he leads his own life, are attracting seekers of Truth from all the religions of the world. This title is being reprinted at present and is currently not available fahini order. Gloom over Kxtha Chapter 16b: Gloom over Ayodhya Chapter 17a: Renunciation leads to joy; attachment brings about grief.

Stream of Sacred Sweetness kath. Sita gave up the luxuries of Ayodhya and so, she could be with Rama, in the period of ‘exile’. He is the Embodiment of Knowledge, Embodiment of Wisdom. Raea over Ayodhya Chapter 17a:. Vedic Books Sales Rank: The Call and the First Victory Chapter 7a: The Ramayana or the Rama Story is an intensely human drama where God impersonates rama katha rasa vahini man and gathers around Him, on the vast world-stage, the perfect and the imperfect, the rama katha rasa vahini and the subhuman, the beast and the demon, vwhini confer on us, by precept and example, rama katha rasa vahini boon of Supreme Wisdom.

Winning Sita Chapter 7d: The Call and the First Victory Chapter 6b: