Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture By Uncle Fester [Uncle Fester] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. BY Fester, Uncle (Author). 1 Mar Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture 8th Edition by Uncle Fester, , available at Book Depository with free delivery. ecology, botany, and even Earth science. Arranged in alphabetical order, The encyclopedia also includes appendixes with.

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You only need a little bit; for instance, for a 3-Iitcr mix- ture, add 5cc. After it has cooled down, about ml of tolu- ene is added to the sep funnel and shaken vigor- ously for about 15 seconds. It is advantageous to use ice cold water nanufacture this condenser, because it sercets then do a better job of removing water vapor from the methylamine. Good clean methamphrtamine has a bright me- tallic look. Jerry Lawhead rated it did not like it Feb 01, The claisen adapter is checked to make sure it is clean and dry.

Psychedelic Chemistry Michael Valentine Smith. Many chemicals are also subject to the reporting of their sale as a result of the Chemical Diversion Act. Here the vapors are separated according to boiling point.

First, 6 ounces about grams of sodium hydroxide pellets are added to ml of water.

Uncle Fester (author)

When secreta toluene has dis- tilled, the mixture is allowed to cool methmaphetamine before commencing vacuum distillation of the phenyl- acetone. It was ob- vious that the steady boiling away of liquid ammo- nia would form its own protective gas blanket when done on a scale corresponding to real meth production. An even more noxious, yet similarly futile law has been enacted in California. Now take out the oil and mix it with twice the amount of hydrochloric acid. This page was last edited on 3 Julyat If Johnny Law pays an uninvited visit to his lab, the underground chemist lights the fuse and dives out the window.


Figure 2 is the typical round bottom flask. Put your mixture fesyer a glass flask with boiling chips. Take the oily layer and start to distill it under maximum vacuum.

Sodium and alcohol react together vigorously, and the alcohol boils off crazy. If the sep methamphetaminf has a plastic valve, the valve is taken out before the sep funnel is put in the oven. The other pail is placed on the floor and the plastic tubing from methamphetmine upper water exit of the condenser is run to this pail. A thermometer is also needed in the oil bath to follow its temperature.

The Russians would have you believe that about ml of phenylacetone will result from the cook. The oil inside the pump also tends to absorb the vapors of ether or toluene it is pumping, thereby ruining the vacuum it can produce and making it necessary to change the oil.

The conditions which favor the production of high yields of fine quality products are as follows. Review of Industrial Waste Exchanges. After being fil- tered, the crystals should be in good shape. The dissolution of NaOH in water produces a great deal of heat.

The water is drained into B and the toluene layer poured into A. The key to this variation is to mix the phenylacetone and formam- ide. This is what he has to say about how the Leuckardt reaction is done in Europe. Chapter Three Preparation of Phenylacetone 9 Chapter Three Preparation of Phenylacetone Phenylacetone, also known as methyl benzyl ketone, or methamphetakine, is easy to make methamphetamone one can get the chemicals.

The preferred coastruction materials are a stainless-steel shaft, and a Teflon paddle.

Uncle Fester (author) – Wikipedia

The resulting blast will shatter all the glass chemi- cal containers and set the chemicals on fire. To begin, the underground chemist puts a bed of Drierite in the vacuum adapter as shown in Figure 9, being sure to plug up the vacuum nipple. Twenty minutes after the boiling stops, the glassware is set up as shown in Figure 1 1.

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Stopper i ml Sep funnel f Glass tubing 1 I hole stopper Salt and hydrochloric acid mixed into a paste by adding HC1 to salt and mixing. N-methylformamide is a clear liquid with no odor. The methylamine bubbling into the formic acid produces a cloud of white gas mefhamphetamine the flask manufacturs the formic acid.

Back in, I think it wasI tried this recipe using a standard round bottom flask, which 1 just sat upon a magnetic stirrer hot plate, and began to cook. I think one week is best.

On top is a mixture of toluene, phenylacetone, and red tar. Unlike the distillation of phenylacetone, in this case the distillation is done under a vacuum from the beginning. Rather, they insist upon setting up an ac- count, wherein they compile a dossier on their customer before doing business. The smell takes a few days to develop fully. This prevents the pieces from getting stuck together.

Since the choice of mineral spirits eliminates ether from the supply loop, the clandestine operator may well go this route. Teflon- coated steel is also acceptable. The Chemistry of Fragrances Charles S.

One must use a three-necked flask, and attach a con- denser on two of the necks, and plug the third neck with a glass stopper, as manufacturd in Figure Figure 2 Figure 3 This is merely a stainless-steel preferably or alloy cylindrical canister with a round hole cut in the top.

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