Seductora inocencia / The Duke (Cisne) (Spanish Edition) [Gaelen Foley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Robert Knight, duque de. Lee online la novela romántica ‘Princesa: La Hija Prometida de la Mafia Rusa y el Matrimonio de Conveniencia con el Millonario. Seductora Inocencia. Front Cover. Gaelen Foley. Sudamericana, Jul 19, Bibliographic information. QR code for Seductora Inocencia.

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He needs to get his ass beat more than once. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Seductora inocencia

Hothouse Flower Lucinda Riley. Not all of them appear in The Dukebut with their family history and the choices they’ve made in life, the series should be as good as this book.

The Italian Wife Kate Furnivall.

So please stop with the self-pity and wanting. I think it is because there is a lot to consider in this book -the society that sneers, the politics, Lucy’s death, Dolph, Bel’s father- there are many problems that are presented and maybe this was the reason I was not able to focus about the depth of their emotion.

But, while they were hot, they weren’t very romantic. I am sad that Bel feels she is never good enough for him – because the Bastard makes her feel so. I usually keep about 10 books on my ereader all the time. The actual seductroa was rather silly, but I was pleased enough by that point to only roll my eyes a little when I read it.

May 08, Sheila rated it liked it Shelves: Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions Also, I didn’t like the ending but I’m generally not keen of public marriage proposals. A Pennsylvania native, Gaelen holds a B. Do you need another kiss to remind you what a prude I am?

Also, I kept noticing a lot of seducttora grammatical errors and awkward sentence structuring in this. But that did not bother me so much. Now came a good moment to finally give it another chance.


After an argument between the two characters seductofa insults flying all over the place, of coursethe duke gives Belinda to a despicable character in exchange for information. I really felt his actions in the second half were completely inconsistent and out of character to the kind of man he is.

I actually hurt for them and how life was so cruel that they saw that path as their only hope. I think if the story was shortened a bit it would have wrapped up a little nicer.

Okay you are in love and will do everything for him. I have a very hard time accepting that a rape victim terrified of intimacy would only be frightened of actual penetration by a penis but was gung ho for everything else. Ssductora is this moment gwelen the beginning that really caught me unprepared. I didn’t like hero. I don’t think this was her strongest work.

There is always something happening, but it’s like reading a report: She could want for nothing and he is her protector and he’s healed her. It was a little slow in places and then in other places it went far too fast. The whole ‘I love you, I would do anything for you please stay with me forever as my mistress’ just didn’t work for me and is what made this a 3 star.

Seductora inocencia Familia Knight, 1 4. It’s over done and drama filled, but it’s not angsty. I usually don’t make this statement, but somehow all but four of my friends gave this book over four stars. We pretty much have Robert sit on his hands and dig his heels in through the entire second half of the book, refusing to let Belinda go but not willing to marry her because she’s a demirep.

I also wanted to add: The first half was great then the story and folet characters became annoying and hard to believe. Highland Dragon Warrior Isabel Cooper. Furthermore, for him to consider marrying a sweet young child and continue to keep Bel was abhorrent and ignoble and inconsistent with the supposed paragon virtues that he possessed.


This scene naturally breaks a lot of barriers between them and of course a ggaelen that follows this confession where Robert is the chivalrous knight fighting for ‘his lady’ cemented that he would do anything for her.

She is supposed to be repulsed and terrified of men touching her in any sexual way. But you do not have to be selfish and ask something from her -like staying while you wed- that ioncencia know would hurt her.

The Secret Wife Gill Paul. Nor to what I would like to see in them. They visibly deeply care about each other and there is lot of feelings between them. Those sedutora heroes always do that, and it drives me batty. The plot and characters weren’t bad, but everything felt just off a bit. The last hundred pages is where I finally became hooked and is what bumped the grade of the book up.

Seductora Inocencia – Gaelen Foley – Google Books

Nobody lied to anybody. The eponymous duke is known about town as a straight arrow, an upright person. Legend of the Gaelwn Dragon Isabel Cooper. The author loved adjectives, similies and metaphors, but I shouldn’t notice them while I am reading.

Seductora inocencia (Familia Knight, #1) by Gaelen Foley (2 star ratings)

I have always believed, that in love there is really no shame. This wasn’t what I was expecting. At this time she’s only been ‘taught’ what to do by Harriet Wilson the courtesan who took her under her wing.

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