You can imagine my suprise when, while wandering through my friendly local gaming store, I flipped casually through Slayers d And was startled by the. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This essential d20 System RPG details the episode fantasy anime series, The Slayers. This authorized reference guide. 13 May Blast from the Past: The Slayers [d20 System] – Guardians of Order game system. Alright so I am back with some more table top RPG goodness.

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To represent this, the Slayers D20 has a relatively small set of slayegs races, but a larger set of racial templates. Likewise, if they get distracted whilst sustaining spells, they need to make a separate Concentration check for each spell they have sustained; depending on the roll of the dice, this may mean some stay active, or lead to a cascade failure.

Then, the spellcaster has to make a Fortitude save, based on the difficulty of the spell; this is called a Spell Drain Check, and reflects the struggle to pull the mana for the spell out of the caster’s own spirit. The link for downloading this PDF is right here: The Great Pendragon Campaign.

Alternate Rules Variant Core Rules. This book covers new races, classes, skills, and feats specific to the Slayers Television series. That’s set in stone. From a Blue Demon, he gained increased magical aptitude and superhuman speed and reflexes, whilst a Stone Golem gave him super-tough rocky skin and metallic wire slauers hair.

However, Pokota isn’t the only survivor of his kingdom, and first, they must stop his one-time ally, who has instead become obsessed with destroying the neighboring kingdoms that he feels betrayed their own.

d20 Slayers

To start with, all spells require a single standard action to start casting. Whilst the lesser dragons, with their more bestial levels of intelligence, are used in chimeric fusion experiments, the template itself focuses on a half-golden dragon race, which is almost certainly the result of a rare tryst between races. Sylphiel Nels Lahda a timid cleric and Gourry childhood friend, which means, according to the laws of anime, she have a crush on him.

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Magic in the Slayers universe is most deeply detailed in the light novels, but the anime shares pretty much the same ground. But when they succeed at that, it only leads to more problems; it turns out Gaav slayeers Lina dead because her personally designed ultimate spell, the Giga Slave, is actually an invocation of the Lord of Nightmares zlayers which means that if Lina ever loses control of it, she will annihilate the entire universe!

From here the magic section moves on to explain magic items and then gives an actual magic spell section for the book, complete with the Dragon Slave spell.

This stacks with all of the above. Season one, or “The Slayers”, consists of two arcs. The general plotline is that Lina Inverse goes running around looking for bandits to rob and ruins to loot, but keeps getting embroiled in bigger shit. And bucket capacity boosters? The next section of the book outlines magic sslayers the Slayers universe.

Sure, pretty much everyone knows a cantrip or two that comes in handy in their day-to-day life, but not everybody has the chance or the desire to dedicate their lives to studying spells.

Ads by Project Wonderful! Pretty good at swordfighting, actually, and wields the setting equivalent of a lightsaberbut, well, is ultimately stuck being the sole single-classed fighter in a series where everyone else at least dips something a bit more Is an evil jerk, but he’s funny and charming enough to also be a fan favorite. You can actually use the incantation without naming the spell, in which case listeners must make a Spellcraft check to see if they identify it.

Finally you get to the character section where the main characters of the show are presented. To further reflect how much a spell saps the caster’s strength, all spells have an automatic Drain value, which is an amount of non-lethal damage they take as a side-effect of casting the spell. It is also noted that these lost ships have AI that can project their human forms via hologram.


She knows some white magic, and tends to whip out the mace she keeps under her skirt to beat on Xellos whenever he shows up. If there’s anything mechanically sound in the Slayers D20, it’s the unique spellcasting mechanics it came up with, which actually reflect the mechanics of the setting very well.

The Slayers d20 – Wikipedia

Campaign Setting game world. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. If dragons are confusing when it comes to the question of where they sit amongst the racial hierarchy, then demons are worse. Is probably Naga the Serpent’s younger sister, though nobody can prove anything confirmed in the novels.

Different types of magic are slaydrs over to different aspects of what makes up magic. If they’re exhausted when they try to cast, then Drain becomes lethal damage instead. Retrieved from ” https: Alignment is touched on in that the game sets the tone of “The Slayers” as being mostly a comedy and while it does not outright list alignments it does give suggestions on how PC’s might interact with each other.

Of course the book is also just a good source book for information too and can serve as a creative means of enhancing other d20 games you may be wanting to run.

Her big sister is a famous archmage and hero, salyers her twitching inferiority complex over being essentially the less-powerful, less-attractive, less-successful version of her is at the root of many of her personal issues.

Much of Slayers material was incorporated into Advanced d20 Magicslayrrs setting-independent book that continued to sayers in print after the license on Slayers expired. It does mean, however, that both players and GM should feel free to mine those stereotypes for their comedic potential during play.