Stauff UKs clamping solutions developed for various applications with customer input focusing on application requirements. 18 Jul Stauff Pipe Clamps offer a universal solution to pipe, tube and cable supports, through a wide variety of choice in types and materials in sizes. Stauff Clamps for High, Low, and Medium pressure pipework.

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Pipe clamp PA 15mm.

Pipe clamps

Clamps are available in stainless steel, polyamide, polypropylene and aluminium. These cookies have been placed by Kramp as well as by third parties. Stauff pipe clamps clamp set single polyamide black. Made from first class materials, these clamps will not crack or split even at high torque settings. Mikalor clamps come in a variety of sizes and materials that cover most applications.


Light pipe clamp series in accordance with DIN By stauff pipe clamps to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on sstauff device as described in our Data Security unless you have disabled them. If you do not want to accept all cookies, you can change this in your settings. Used solely for logging in, ordering and allowing the website to function to a reasonable extent.


The clsmps are available in the standard model and also the Giant version. Thanks to their corrugated inner surface and pretension, the Stauff clamps have vibration and noise-damping properties. Cookies used for logging in, ordering, analysis and personalised information.

Pinch the ears with a closing tool to give stauff pipe clamps instant and secure method of attachment. Weld-on plate single S. Lugs are reinforced to prevent distortion and bending out of alignment. Made from stainless steel, these clamps offer high sealing torque values and are an ideal and reliable stauff pipe clamps of attaching many types of hose in a variety of applications. Clockwise and anti-clockwise clamps are available.

Band-it is often to be seen as a reliable method of hose attachment or used to firmly fix signs etc. Pipe clamp PA 38mm.

RS Extension bolt M6x20 Extension bolt. Z — single — heavy production series — steel. Can be easily used in the field and gives a quick but professional job for many applications. stauff pipe clamps

DIN Hydraulic hose clamps /pipe clamps/ tube clamps, Standard stauff pipe clamps-Younglee

Inside surface has dual gripping ridges. Cover plate heavy size 1. First developed by Pope Oetiker inthis clip is tamper proof stauff pipe clamps the deburred edges reduce the risk of hose damage. Here’s what we do: Stauff products per catalog. The thicker band and design offer a robust and perfect fit for many applications where higher pressures or end pull are apparent.


Pipe clamp set single heavy polyamide black. Read more about Kramp Cookies. Hy-Lok D supplies pipe clamps for pipe diameters from 6.

If you click Accept cookies below, you are agreeing to the use of these cookies. Used for suction and stauff pipe clamps hose attachment.

Single pipe clamps HD RS. Quick and simple installation Tidy pipe and hose installations are quickly carried out using the DIN standardised clamps.

Very quick to apply and crimp, these clips have become well known in the trade for their simple yet effective sealing properties.