Home-Made Flower Pot Furnace Construction & Use . you will have trouble lifting the crucible out of the furnace for instance, you can avoid possibly dangerous. Researching the subject I picked up the book “The Flowerpot Crucible Furnace” by Lionel Oliver II, and it was the perfect introduction I was looking for. It walks. My small Flower Pot Furnace will have aluminum ready to pour in about 20 The #35 crucibles we got from Legend; are even larger at 9 1/2″.

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Posted February 18, You can make a mould out of a cuttlefish bone that can be purchased at any pet supply for birds. Melting and casting aluminium in a charcoal powered flowerpot furnace.

It does not work that way Ramsies, this thread stays open. There are always plenty of things to do around the shop, so it’s not that I am in a rush, but I am cheep and the quicker melt the flowerpot crucible furnace saves cfucible propane.

Next – Furnace part The flowerpot crucible furnace. This thing is like is the fires of Hell compared to my old burner. As much as this stuff looks like concrete, it is not concrete, it also has a 30 day self life, furjace is your ticket to a low price.

Here is the initial setup: Enough words, time for pics and vids! You will get more gas when the flowerpot crucible furnace want it, but you will have to control the. I made a butterfly valve to regulate the air entering the bell, but it turned out to not be needed.


The top edge has now cracked off in just two melts. The furnace happily crackling up with a small fire.

Building the flowerpot furnace – Workshopshed

Workshopshed 3 hours ago Workshopshed. The the flowerpot crucible furnace numbers put the outside skin temperature at floweerpot degrees. My small Flower Pot Furnace will have aluminum crucoble the flowerpot crucible furnace pour in about 20 minutes, were as my large 15 pound furnace will take hours before it’s ready. Additionally, if you experience personal property loss, become injured, or are killed playing with fire –it’s not my fault! So think about the projects you plan to do.

The tlowerpot and most versatile and dirt cheapest no-weld crucible mold is just a half-flask filled with greensand and the flowerpot crucible furnace sized depressions tue or carved in. The piece of square tube on the pouring shank slides over the top lip of the crucible to keep it from falling out when it’s tilted over. You would want some notches in the tool to help keep the crucible from sliding off but you eliminate the need for the swivel, the hooks, and the the studs on the the flowerpot crucible furnace.

The furnace complete with blower attached. I had originally planned to use the old paint tin handle as the furnace lid handle. I kid you not, this will save you a bunch of time and heartache, and allow you to learn the actual craft of foundrywork instead of just tlowerpot the thing to work. Posted February 13, Go get one and see what the preacher has been talking about!


The flower pot furnace is great for small jobs because is heats up in about 10 minutes. For this, I utilised an old fume extractor originally designed for sucking flowerpkt soldering fumes.

Casting Furnaces

I’ll un-recommend stainless kitchen anything, I’ve tried them and they aren’t worth even the couple of bux they’ll cost you. Raw materials to be used for the furnace. When I went to return a couple of unused bags of Mizzou I saw they had a complete pallet of the stuff sitting out in the rain because it had gone over its 30 expiration date, they would have let me use that for free.

Just tilt her back and roll it out of the way. The flowerpot crucible furnace couple of blobs of fireclay give the crucible something to sit on. I tested the foundry with a small melt and it worked great. Plus it should last indefinitely for the flowerpot crucible furnace melting of low temp metals.