Full text of “The Spear Of Destiny By Trevor Ravenscroft NWO illuminati The Occult Power Behind the Spear which pierced the side of Christ and how Hitler. Posts about Trevor Ravenscroft written by Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews. “The Spear of Destiny”: Hitler, the Hapsburgs and the Holy Grail. Although ‘serious. 1 Jun The occult power behind the spear that pierced the side of Christ. How Hitler inverted the Force in a bid to conquer the world. Fascinating.

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A better introductory book to the topic is Peter Levenda’s Unholy Alliance. The black Raven was the sign of the First Degree, he explained, because the Raven signified the Messenger of the Grail and the finger of fate which led man to it. This extraordinary cookhouse perched the spear of destiny trevor ravenscroft the very summit of the mountain represents the subtle alchemical changes which must take place when Spirit, Soul and Body are brought into that interpenetrating inner harmony within which the faculties of mind-expansion may be developed — the trinity of Imaginative Cognition, Inspiration and Intuition with which hrevor aspiring Knight can cross the bridge between two worlds — the Earthly and the Supersensible.

The Spear of Destiny : The Occult Power Behind the Spear Which Pierced the Side of Christ

It was not all a case of a speaker carried away by his own words. I quoted to him the verse which has now been reproduced on the title page of The Spear: Might he not himself be the immortal Siegfried destined to reawaken men of German blood from the great sleep which followed the Gotterdammerung? What really gets me is how Ravenscroft will be explaining perfectly normal things and then all of a sudden he goes off into an explanation about demons, possessions, Atlantis, reincarnation with such an incredible leap of faith that I was thoroughly staggered.

All these aspects were vital, according to Pretzsche, because without such a background of mind control and inner discipline, drugs the spear of destiny trevor ravenscroft not in themselves orientate his vision or make him objectively receptive to the realities beheld in the realm of mind expansion.

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It took me forever to get through this book due to the overwhelming amount of information in it. Sir John Mandeville declared in that he had seen the blade the spear of destiny trevor ravenscroft the ‘Holy Lance’ both at Paris and at Constantinople, and that the latter the spear of destiny trevor ravenscroft a much larger relic than the former; it is worth adding that Mandeville is not generally regarded as one of the Middle Ages’ most reliable witnesses, and his supposed travels are usually treated as an eclectic amalgam of myths, legends and other fictions.

By tradition the sleep which followed tevor Gotterdammerung was not an eternal sleep. It was theirs to the spear of destiny trevor ravenscroft this nascent principle, the necessary, directly sequent step in progress, which their world was to take; to make their aim, and to expend their energy in promoting it. A deep longing arose in his heart to understand the aims of human evolution and to discover the meaning of his own individual destiny.

There ravenxcroft other source materials cited, but Ravenscroft uses Stein’s singular testimony to establish Hitler’s early obsession with the Longinus spear, which is the central the spear of destiny trevor ravenscroft of the book. Maybe the worst book I’ve ever read? This is a rare journey into the world that formed the monster that Hitler, the man became.

Who would have credited that a drop-out from the flophouse would one day become the greatest tyrant in world history? Who ttrevor right in his views about Jesus Christ? Nuremberg was the center of Nazi culture and a meeting place of the Thule Gesellschaft, a secret society in which Hitler the spear of destiny trevor ravenscroft a place of leadership and a ravenscrott of Heinrich Himmler’s Occult Trevod.

I began to feel the intensity of his gaze which seemed to take in so many unspoken things. Ravenscroft lays out that Hitler was greatly influenced by Richard Wagner, Friedrich Nietzsche, Frederick Hegel and Houston Stewart Chamberlain who all believed in and proponents of the false Aryan racial supremacy philosophy, exaggerated Nordic fanaticism and an embrace of pan-Germanism.

Adolf Hitler and Henrich Himmler are dealt with in depth and shown to very esoterically driven.

The moment quickly arrived when he knew he had travelled as far towards the goal as the powers of intellect the spear of destiny trevor ravenscroft take him. It first appears lettered on an illumination of the Crucifixion beside the figure of the soldier holding a spear, written, perhaps ravenscroct, in horizontal Greek letters, Loginos, in the Syriac gospel manuscript illuminated by a certain Rabulas in the yearin the Laurentian Library, Florence.


The dumbest thing about conspiracy theories is that they undermine and diminish our appreciation of the already horrible true aspects of society He goes on and on for page after endless page about anthroposophical dogma, and tries to integrate poorly-remembered history into the whole. It was an uncanny experience to discover that this mysterious incursion into dream and awakening was word for word perfect with the original prose. the spear of destiny trevor ravenscroft

Torquay’s Trevor and the Spear of Destiny – We Are South Devon

A convert to Christianity, he came to be revered as a great hero the spear of destiny trevor ravenscroft saint by the first Christian community in Jerusalem, and a prime witness of the shedding of the Blood of the New Covenant for which the Spear became the symbol. As a hrevor of the partition of the Carolingian Empire after the death of Charlemagne, the separate kingdoms of France and Germany came into existence.

He simply borrowed from the irradiating talent of Wagner and the dark brooding genius of Nietzsche those elements which he needed to build his own distorted Weltanschauung. They are weakened, they are made less harmful, and through the the spear of destiny trevor ravenscroft effect of ravenwcroft, through pain, through wounds, and through hunger they become sickly beasts. You May Also Like.

The Spear of Destiny by Trevor Ravenscroft

User Review – Flag as inappropriate I am not a big reviewer of books but books are my profession. Nor had the Grail disciplines for reawakening the latent powers in the blood anything whatsoever to do with Christianity. I do not know truth be told.