Drama Virginia C. Andrews (based upon the novel by) (as V.C. Andrews), Andy Mackenzie Gray in If There Be Thorns () If There Be Thorns (). If There Be Thorns is narrated by two half-brothers, Jory and Bart Sheffield. The elder brother, Jory, is a handsome, talented young man who wants to follow his mother in her career in the ballet while the younger Bart is clumsy and accident-prone. John Amos reveals that the old. If There Be Thorns is a Lifetime movie that is based on the novel by V.C. Six years after Petals on the Wind, Cathy and Chris are happily married and living in California with Cathy’s sons, Jory and Bart. John Amos continues to influence Bart about his parents’ sins and Bart.

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In the book, Jory’s grandmother visits on holidays and didn’t discover Cathy and Chris’ relationship until Jory mentioned that Paul Sheffield Cathy’s second husband was dead; in the film, she blackmailed Chris into giving her money in return she wouldn’t report him and Cathy to the police and stayed out of their lives.

If There Be Thorns (TV Movie ) – IMDb

Oct 07, Lucy Naivalu added it. By he way I am disgusted by her thorbs That they were so desperate for the money they just pretended to have found tons of books written by the deceased author. And a picnic hamper was, after all, just another basket.

Cathy and Chris are brother and sister, and his “grandmother” locked them in an attic for years, feeding them poison to gain an inheritance. Why was my mother up there? Ours was a cold place, sometimes dreary. John Amos knocks both women out and forces Bart v.c.andrews if there be thorns lock them in the barn. My dad swallowed over the lump which must have risen in his throat.


The thefe – dare I say I actually felt bad for the mother in this book.

She seems completely ignorant of Bart’s life The epilogue, narrated by Cathy once again, describes Cathy’s emotional forgiveness of her mother at Corrine’s funeral. I still cant understand how a brother and sister can live a married life, but i guess Virginia wanted us to think, and and debate. And the picnic basket only compounds my fears.

He hadn’t even known her when she was fourteen. You’re not the sweet young ingenue anymore, and this is not a game. I didn’t want to tell her how v.c.andrews if there be thorns we stole over v.c.andrews if there be thorns the deserted mansion beyond the wall and played there.

Jory finds out the truth when his paternal grandmother visits and confronts Cathy about her relationship with “her brother Christopher”. I believe she’s finally repentant and realizes how horrible she was. We get to see the return of Corrine and see her at the kindest we have yet.

The old woman admits that she is indeed Cathy’s mother, She expresses remorse for her crimes against Cathy, Chris and the twins, ge begs Cathy to forgive and love her again. Melodie does not deal well with Jory’s disability and withdraws from him. Corrine asks Cathy is she loves Chris, which she confirms and blames Corrine for this. We also see the development of a primary antagonist of the first book.

When v.c.andrews if there be thorns about his hypocrisy v.c.andrews if there be thorns number of times throughout the story, Bart never attempts to justify his actions but instead responds with anger and resentment towards Cathy and Chris, always blaming them for his problems.

Oh gosh, oh gosh Many thanks to their original creators. It premiered on April 5, I write A LOT. She confronts Corrine about involving herself in her children’s lives and orders her to leave her family alone. Needful Things By Stephen King. Once she’d been very famous, and not for one second did she let anyone forget this. View all 7 comments. By .vc.andrews this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


From ghost-written by Andrew Neiderman. I can’t see you where you are.

If There Be Thorns (film)

Chris is opposed to the idea, saying the child should be adopted into more stable circumstances. In the book, Chris was against v.c.andrews if there be thorns Cindy at first and took him a while to v.c.andrews if there be thorns around after Cathy signed the paperwork without his consent; in the film, he agreed without arguing over it and willingly went along with the adoption.

Bart seems to have recovered from the worst of his madness, but still dwells on the power wielded by his great-grandfather, whose millions he now stands to inherit.

John is sinister, sure, but he’s also a cartoon cardboard, bringing to this book more of a cheap feel. V.c.anfrews against it, Chris comes to accept Cindy, and Jory does as well, but Bart is very upset and resentful.

When she fights with Chris, she gets really nasty, practically accusing him of murdering Paul to get to her. However, he decides not to tell Cathy that v.c.andrews if there be thorns mother is living next door to them. I looked too and was surprised to see two twin beds set up in the portion of the attic that was soon to be under construction. My stepfather’s heart seemed to jump right up into his eyes.

I think this has been my favorite in the series so far.