3 Jul I have been chanting Vishnu Sahasranamam in Sanskrit (Ofcourse reading sanskrit words written in Tamil) from my childhood. Does anybody. like to have vishnu sahasranama in tamil with meaning also in could u pl send me the vishnu sahasranamam english and tamil version my. (Meanings: based upon the commentary of Shankaracharya). Meanings: Vishnu Sahasranama means the “Thousand Names of Vishnu.” This narrative is .

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Here it means that though He is not perceptible with the physical instruments of perceptions, yet on transcending the equipments, the Yogi intimately comes to experience the entire Divine Glory tzmil the Self. This idea is indicated by the term Self-made Svayambhooh. One who has never fallen: In Harivamsa we read the assertion: This very change sahasranamwm known and experienced by us. Vishnu is the theme of the chant. When the rational discriminative power fades away that man falls completely off the dignity of mall and becomes worse than a brute.

Dhuryah -One who carries the Lord.

Subhujah -He who has graceful arms. In the words of the Szhasranamam, we find a confirmation to thus declaration when the Lord declares to Arjuna that Viwhnu Himself is the Reality that manifests as the heat and light in the Sun and the Moon, and it is He again who warms up the crust of the earth and impregnates it with its fertility. In short, He is unconditioned by time. Thus He becomes the most Ancient. Thus Vishnu, as the only source from which all creatures have emerged out, is called as Prajaapatih.

The body itself is rendered as the temple of the Vishni, wherein the various limbs become the altars upon which, with a heart of love and faith, the devotee invokes and installs various deities.

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The Lord is one who can wield Maayaa for His purpose without Himself becoming involved in it. When this term is used, Eesvara becomes the Administrator of His own Law in the phenomenal world of plurality. Lord Eesvara means the Master Eeshte iti Eesvarah. The Lord is the One who carries the responsibilities of creation, sustenance and annihilation of the entire world of plurality. The manifested powers of Life express themselves in every intelligent man as meaniny power of action in the body Kriyaa Saktithe power of desire in maening mind Icchaa Sakti and the power of knowledge in the intellect Jnaana Sakti.


Suchih -One who is Pure. The victory of the Lord is endless; in every Incarnation, He alone wins in the end. This intellectual state of non-apprehension Aavarana creates the agitation Vikshepa which is the cause for the misapprehensions of Truth as the sad and sorrowful world of imperfections.


Time and tide wait for none. Desire is the source from which endless series of other sources of sorrows flow into the human life. Such an explanation we find in the Harivamsa When dirt Mala exists upon anything, it becomes unclean.

Herein the Infinite Lord is but a Witness of all that is happening and though the experienced world is sustained in Him, He is not involved in the imperfections or mortalitythat are happening all around at all times in the Visvam. All these three powers are manifestations of Him, and since He is the One everywhere, He is the total mighty power-the Great Vishnu. We can experience the Self only on transcending the vaasanaas.

Vishnu Sahasranamam (Meanings)

This is not to be taken literally. The Consciousness that illumines all motives and intentions -and the manifested activities that spring from them -in each individual, at all times, is necessarily the Witness of all, the Seer of everything, Aahasranamam Vishnu.

One who dwells in them all is Hiranyagarbhah. Consciousness, Purusha, identifying with and functioning through matter Prakriticomes to experience the endless modifications that are born out of Prakriti.

Therefore Prajaapati means the Great Father, to whom all beings in the living kingdom are His own children, In this sense, the term connotes One, who, as the Creator, creates all creatures.

He is the One who is not conditioned by time. Definitions should directly describe the thing defined, and here we have a thousand indirect definitions with which the Real, the Infinite is being indicated in terms of the unreal and the finite. This is a method by which the seeker with wilful thoughts and deliberate physical signs sanctifies himself to be a Divine Temple and installs various sacred deities in himself.



One who saves ” tram ” his devotees from the thunderbolt of lndra is Pavitram. Also the One, wh0 leads Agra the entire pilgrim- age-the Guide. These three terms indicate how Vishnu is the Absolute Protector of His devotees. And, the Self, being the same everywhere, in all existence, in both the movables and immovables, gross and subtle -in the manifest as well swhasranamam in the unmanifest – He certainly is the One who holds the world of phenomena unto Himself in a vast embrace of Love and Oneness.

Namaskaram, The PDF has been uploaded on this page itself that can be easily downloaded.

In the Puranas, we find Bhagavan Vishnu taking up in His various Incarnations different manifested forms and in all of them He was victorious; ever irresistible Aniruddhah is His Might. For one who is experiencing the Self, there is nothing but the One Self everywhere and, therefore, there is no occasion to entertain this emotion of anger. Man is no exception. The limitations and bondages lived through by man are in fact the destiny of the matter vestures.

As the desire arises, the mind plans out and the body acts towards its fulfilment. Fire knows no mercy. In Geeta taamil in the Upanishads we find the Infinite described as the very Indweller everywhere in His Eesvara status, and as the very substratum for the universe in the Pure Transcendental nature. All achievements and prosperity Aisvaryaall might and power of the living creatures can express themselves through sahasramamam only when they are alive.

In the daily happenings of Samsar, in its births and deaths, He remains ever changeless and ever unaffected.