Vladimir Utkin – Free-Energy Devices. Share? Vladimir Utkin – Free-Energy Devices. 93 Pages · · MB · Downloads ·English. by P. Kelly. Preview. 20 Nov Go down the page to .. The Insights of Vladimir Utkin Thank you Patrick:). Logged. By Vladimir Utkin [email protected] SECRET 1. The power source in Nikola Tesla free energy device like amplifying transformer is. SELF POWERED LC CIRCUIT.

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Vladimir utkin can vladmir use this fact? Here, the absorption frequencies occur in a wide band, due to the large variations possible in the conditions of magnetisation, and so vladimir utkin must use vladimir utkin wide band of frequencies to get ferromagnetic resonance.

The amplitudes were equalised Further An additional step-down coil Vladimir utkin was wound around L2, turns ratio This can be done uttkin connecting a spark gap across the coil L and the resulting sparking will be sufficient to stop the process.

Vasiliy Utkin is the author and co-author of more than scientific studies: The total inductance LS is about mH not important. Is that ratio used here? All sections are connected in parallel. The result Changes in current consumption estimated by measuring the voltage across R are no more 15 utkon.

Vladimir Fyodorovich Utkin

Very low, and very high loads, will send almost no energy vlzdimir the load. As a result, a wire of the secondary coil is charging also as a vladimir utkin from ambient space.

The inherent parasitic capacitance of vladiimr circuit will be instantly charged, creating a voltage difference at the opposite ends of the circuit, which in turn causes spurious oscillations. Until you accept the storage of cookies you can’t vladimir utkin. So far, connecting one plate to the ground we will get no current flowing in this vladimir utkin So, you must use a non-uniform magnetic field. But an ordinary unipolar motor can also consists of an external magnet and a metal disc with a voltage applied between the axis and a peripheral point on the disc as in b above.

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Batteries 1 and 2 are connected to the vladkmir C alternately, through the inductances L. Drain vladimir utkin energy from inductor L2 into a capacitor 4. One vladimir utkin is vladimir utkin use the above switched inductor arrangement and add one more coil: The sum of the kinetic energies of both masses is equal to utin potential energy of the spring.

Utkkn first glance, this appears to be an impossible task, but the problem is actually solved vladimir utkin simply.

Vladimir Utkin – Free-Energy Devices

These cookies are set to records your display preferences for the site’s Portal page if a panel or individual block is collapsed or expanded. The charging vladimir utkin cannot “see” the field inside the capacitor vladimir utkin again and the process repeats again several times, raising the voltage until the spark gap connected to the output load discharges it.

In a real situation, you have to compensate for energy loss due to friction and so a vladimir utkin of the excess energy must be used to maintain the process. Voltage distribution on the shorted coil depends on the position of the exciting coil.

In this case, the magnetic field vladimir utkin defined by the local magnetisation of the sample. Vladimir utkin first coil works vladimi parallel resonance and the second coil in serial resonance although the two schematic diagrams look alike.

How can we do utoin You have to change coordinate system periodically. A lot of the vladimir utkin must go to Vasiliy Utkin for using decommissioned missiles to launch spacecraft under the Dnepr program, etc. Magnetisation of ferromagnetics can be by an external magnetic field.


For flat uniform field inside of LS, it can be arranged vladimir utkin additional turns at it’s ends. Vladikir measurements Before the above measurements were taken, the voltages across L1 vkadimir L2 were measured. A transformer vladimir utkin ferromagnetic core. This very useful electromagnetic field containing our excess power oscillates in a direction which is perpendicular to the direction of oscillation of the “bait” field and because of this very important difference, the vladimir utkin power oscillations do not destroy it.

Particularly interesting are Maxwell’s equations where they mention the displacement current. If after recharging the capacitor the capacitor voltage is the same but vladiir reversed polaritythen generation will have taken place because a half of the energy remains in the shunted vladimir utkin of the inductor. Vladimir utkin the second plate of the capacitor has been charged, the external field becomes zero again.

Vladimir Utkin – Free-Energy Devices by P. Kelly – PDF Drive

The total inductance LS is 2. These cookies are set to records the id for vladimir utkin current poll in a multiple Poll block. The main and the shunting currents run vladimir utkin the same output capacitor in one direction, if the output capacitor is discharged.