Why Love Hurts: A Sociological Explanation [Eva Illouz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Few of us have been spared the agonies of. Why Love Hurts has ratings and 40 reviews. Faith said: I’ll be honest: I didn’t finish the book because I skimmed through the last two chapters and d. 17 Dec I read Eva Illouz’s Why Love Hurts with both personal and professional interest. As a divorced rabbi who meets with hundreds of singles and.

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Indeed, for Illouz it is the irrational excesses of love that makes it consuming and passionate. Nov 27, Colleen rated it why love hurts eva illouz liked it. Pre-Modern relationship experience was tightly governed by a clear system of signs ullouz codified and ritualised signs of feeling.

Illouz juxtaposes this with a modern culture of commodification that has rendered sexuality the currency of mate hurfs while sexual product pushers like the cosmetics industry laugh their way to bank.

She points to accelerated rise of technologies of imagination, like the cinema, that have accompanied the development of why love hurts eva illouz culture. Eva Illouz book, Why Love Hurts: She suggests that the individual navigates their way through complex social whyy and institutions which frame the rules around and cultural rituals of love, drawing on the resources which they have personally accumulated.

Her handling of this area felt clumsy.

Book Review: Why Love Hurts: A Sociological Explanation by Eva Illouz | LSE Review of Books

Why Love Hurts looks at the social conditions that affect our romantic lives. It was you — as you were — all those years ago — in those happy days when we first met, and you loved me. Apr 22, Ayla Brooks rated it liked it.

Overall, Why Love Hurts was a good read. This is to say that it will get illoux dense in some areas and she has a tendency t Overall, Why Love Hurts was a good read. She expresses these choices in both a female and male analysis. Previous post Why love hurts eva illouz post. The deepest magic of love is not first love but continuous love, which we know is not easy. Partly hugely annoying because it tells the why love hurts eva illouz same story women want more closeness, men control qhy game because they want it less, blahhh stopped reading in the middle.

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That’s why it’s only one star for me. Sooner or later the worshipper will be disappointed and be forced to readjust expectations. Something has been lost.

Why Love Hurts – Eva Illouz

While I’m a total believer in cultural construction, I think that there was far too much dismissing of feminist theory in this book.

Read more reviews by Jacqui. I have no idea why this book why love hurts eva illouz published with catchy title and intriguing cover; it is so densely academic and in love with its own post-structuralist critical sociological theory jargon that it was virtually unreadable — and I have a pretty high familiarity with and tolerance for post-structuralist critical theory jargon. Psychologists why love hurts eva illouz hired by American corporations to help increase productivity and better manage the workforce and bridged the emotional and the economic realms, intertwining emotions with the realm of economic action in the form of a radically new way of conceiving of the production process.

Indeed for me, it is the homogeneity which underpins this book which is its weakest feature. By submitting this form, you are granting: Therefore in some deep way it is about men. Jun 11, Full Stop added it Shelves: The second tension is her commitment to Marxist analysis, which erases the individual. The book itself has an easy flow in its structure, but the content within the chapters can get pretty messy.

The ideal self is not a stable self but rather one that can perpetually create itself anew, be reinvented tomorrow. But he cannot stop and demands to know who it is. However, why love hurts eva illouz book is a great read because it really explains how issues that exists in modern relationships are not the fault of psychological pathology but a shift in the social criteria that people use to enter and exit relationships.

The ways in which capitalism has transformed emotional patterns One dominant theme concerns the ways in which capitalism has transformed emotional patterns, in the realms of both consumption and production. Illouz explains that she has written this book primarily for women.


I read this book through Blinkist. All this is interspersed with cursory interruptions from the wyh hitters in sociology, critical theory, gender studies and psychoanalysis: Explore the latest social science book reviews by academics and experts. Which why love hurts eva illouz of all, Marx was obviously a lover and spent a good portion of his writings on material things that ruined love, but whatever. But even its greatest goods come with serious costs.

See All Goodreads Deals…. Great overview, which deserves fives stars. So how long can we expect it to endure hwy the rapidly accelerated age of texting, sexting, and tweets? Romantic encounters moved from the home to the sphere of consumer leisure with the result that the search for romantic love was lilouz into a vector for the consumption of leisure goods produced by expanding industries of leisure.

It would be interesting why love hurts eva illouz read it in the light of the Metoo campaign. The same qualities — beauty, power, wealth, wit, charisma — which make a partner attractive may render them unsuitable as dva mate.

So whether in the realm of production or that of consumption, emotions have been actively mobilized, solicited and shaped by economic forces, thus making modern people simultaneously emotional and economic actors. A Sociological Explanation 3.

Why Love Hurts: A Sociological Explanation

Love and the Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism. Besides, the qualities that promise dependability are rarely the same as those that dazzle. It’s an ongoing project. What do his neighbors and family say about him? The movie Quartet is based on a Oove Maugham story that tells of a man whose wife publishes why love hurts eva illouz book of poetry.

Rejection is not new. A milestone in the investigation of changing patterns of love and marriage.